f ) Introduction of new technologies such as hydro 
In the immediate aftermath of the tsunami disaster,
ponics and net house vegetable production to
FAO began implementing three emergency phase
tsunami affected farmers under the  Build Back
projects; later four new projects for medium term
Better  concept.
rehabilitation were approved. The Organization s key
objectives have been to assist affected fishing and
farming communities to restore their livelihoods, both
Emergency phase:
through emergency measures and then through assess 
Distributed to over 3,000 farming families in fisheries
ment of the longer term situation in sustainable
and agriculture:
coastal resource management and introduction of
800 fish cages, 180,000 fish fingerlings, 18,000 fish
new technologies, in the spirit of  Build Back Better .
traps, 3,320 sets of shrimp gill nets, 408 pieces of
wood for boat repair, 328 fish cage nets, 15,000
fruit seedlings;
Government: Department of Fisheries
UN agencies: UNDP
247 tons of gypsum for soil reclamation, 1,052
tonnes of organic fertilizer, 177 tonnes of animal
feeds and 1,500 pieces of mineral blocks for livestock.
FAO s three emergency phase projects were funded
from FAO TCP resources and by Japanese Government
Rehabilitation Phase:
trust funds   total budget of USD 659,000. The four
430 boat engines
 for small scale fishing boats
medium term rehabilitation projects are worth USD
have been distributed on loan to 430 fisher folk
1,300,000. Of the total approved budget of approxi 
through 28 fisher folk groups
mately USD 2 million, FAO has so far spent approxi 
mately USD 1.5 million.
The fishing groups are being 
capacity building and promotion of 
revolving funds
 for their self help activities.
Emergency phase
Restoration of livelihoods of tsunami affected
Hydroponic and net house vegetable production
fisher folk and farmers through the provision (or
 were introduced with the distribution of
rehabilitation) of production assets and means of
80 and 30 units respectively, to tsunami affected
income generation such as fishing gear, seeds and
fertilizers, among others.
Six in depth technical studies/surveys
Rehabilitation phase (Medium  to long term)
fisheries, agriculture, mangroves and coastal forestry
a) Assistance to fishing and farming communities
have started which would facilitate the formulation
b) Technical assessment for determining the level
of and sustainable coastal natural resource manage 
of fishing capacity and the promotion of commu 
ment plans.
nity based sustainable coastal resource manage 
coordination capacity 
of Department of Fish 
c) Promotion of the coordination capacity of the
eries (DOF) in post tsunami rehabilitation is being
Department of Fisheries
promoted through the establishment of a DOF/
d) Technical assessment of mangroves and other
FAO Post tsunami Rehabilitation Coordination
coastal forests affected by the tsunami
Unit within DOF.
e) In depth assessment of tsunami affected soil
and land rehabilitation planning

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