sub region upon which it was decided to commission
Following the devastation of the Andaman coast
a full scale study of nine months duration by interna 
caused by the tsunami of 26 December 2004, the Fiscal
tional and national consultants to prepare a compre 
Policy Office of the Ministry of Finance, supported by
hensive SRDP for the three provinces.
the Asian Development Bank, instigated actions to
prepare a sub regional development plan (SRDP) for
three of the most affected provinces: Krabi, Phang Nga
Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket provinces.
and Phuket.
The long term vision of the SRDP is no less  than to
This study began in September 2005 and will now
turn the Andaman region into a unique environment
develop a robust, practical and fully comprehensive
that is unrivalled in South East and Eastern Asia and is
sub regional plan over the short , medium  and long 
internationally recognized as a quality destination to
term to 2020.
visit, work and live. This would present a new window
for investment in Thailand, one in which greater added 
value products and services can be offered within an
Specifically the plan will:
outstanding and well managed natural environment,
create a coherent framework under which the various
not only in tourism but also in the leisure, health and
recovery aid programmes and plans by Govern 
wellness, and knowledge economy and, where appro 
ment, international donor agencies and NGOs can
priate, the agro industrial sector.
be integrated as part of a common sub regional
strategy, thus avoiding duplication and
diseconomies of scale;
Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Policy Office
provide a long term vision for the Andaman Coast
to which Government, civil society, the community
An initial technical mission and concept paper, prepared
and the private sector can relate, co operate and
in February 2005, concluded that a Sub Regional Devel 
contribute towards;
opment Plan (SRDP) would bring important benefits
for the future well being and prosperity of the
support the plan s implementation through recom 
Andaman sub region. It identified a clear need for a
mendations for new institutional mechanisms that
long term, comprehensive plan to integrate the various
are both transparent and effective in initiating and
plans and specialist programmes being carried out in
controlling development, helping reinforce awareness
the sub region (most notably those set up for the recovery
among the public and strengthen investor confidence.
of the Andaman region) as carried out by Government,
international donors and Non Government Agencies
Following positive comments by Government, a small
Technical Assistance was commissioned on 1st March
2005 to prepare conceptual recommendations for the

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