of generosity needed to be matched by organized
Oxfam has been working to provide outreach to these
collection and distribution of relief.  To respond to the
vulnerable groups of fishermen, to rebuild their capacity
mounting needs of essential supplies for the tsunami
in traditional fishing practices, with long term goals
victims, TRCS set up a Donation Centre the day after
focused on the security of their livelihoods with the
the disaster to receive money and provisions.  The days
Save Andaman Network (SAN).  They have used
which followed saw overwhelming goodwill from the
community based revolving funds as the strategic approach
general public, both Thais and foreigners, donating
to secure participation of community members, and to
basic necessities in the form of food, clothes, blankets,
ensure  equal access to resources and sustainability
mattresses, etc., and almost USD 5 million in cash.
over the long term.  World Vision has been working
Around 10,000 volunteers from the public joined in
with women to help upgrade their skills equipping
the TRCS s relief efforts and assisted in sorting out,
them with options to change livelihoods.  Fishing used
making records, transporting provisions, laundering do 
to be the primary source of income and expertise of
nated clothes, and translating inquiries from for 
some groups that World Vision is working with, but the
destruction of boats and fishing equipment, combined
with a newfound fear of the sea and the possibility of
The TRCS National Blood Centre also sent blood supplies
a second tsunami, has pushed them in new directions.
to the hospitals in affected areas.  A great number of
World Vision and others are assisting these victims
people from the public, both Thais and foreigners, lined
adapt to the traumatic changes they have gone
up at the TRCS National Blood Centre to donate blood
totalling 27,909 units, of which 13,208 units were dispensed
for tsunami victims.
Migrants and other vulnerable communities
During this initial emergency phase, the RTG asked
The work of the NGOs with migrants has filled a critical
TRCS to be the lead agency in food distribution.  Red
gap, providing them relief and solace.  Plan International,
Cross volunteers also assisted families in settling into
Oxfam and others have been working with vulnerable
the temporary shelters established by the government.
people, partnering with groups such as TAG, in chan 
TRCS disaster relief teams that included doctors and
nelling more resources to these communities, provid 
nurses provided medical and psychosocial care as well
ing much needed relief and assistance.  The TAF is sup 
as essential supplies.
porting legal assistance to migrant workers through
the Cross Cultural Foundation, an affiliate of the Law
To complement the above TRCS projects, a number of
Society of Thailand.
Participating National Societies (PNSs) of the Red Cross
Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement have been supporting
Childcare, Education and Youth
tsunami recovery efforts, including the American,
French, Swedish, Finnish Red Cross and the Hong Kong
Several NGOs are engaged in responding to the
branch of the Chinese Red Cross, in the areas of health
needs of children and in enhancing the education
care, livelihood recovery, reconstruction, and community
facilities and opportunities for children and youth.
based disaster management.
World Vision, Plan International, The Asia Foundation
and others have provided psychosocial support,
The international NGO community has been working
health and nutrition support, and care and security
in cooperation with local partners to bring relief assistance
to children living in temporary shelters.
to the victims of the disaster, sometimes working in
areas and with communities whose needs have not
Plan International worked to enhance the capacity of
been adequately addressed by the machinery of the
teachers, including strategies for care and monitoring
of trauma affected children, and training for youth in
vocational skills, disaster management and environ 
mental conservation.  In addition, the Asia Foundation,
World Vision and others supported construction and
This is an area where World Vision, Oxfam, and others
repair of schools and day care centres, as well as provision
have been providing support, especially with boats,
of teaching materials, school equipment and facili 
fishing gear, boat engines, and boat building skills.

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