Thailand, in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries,
build capacity of national institutions in the environ 
re directed funds to focus on initiatives in the field of
mental fields such as the PMBC.  Australia is providing
environment and sustainable livelihoods. USAID is
support for strengthening the RTG's capacity in the en 
funding a USD 3 million Sustainable Coastal Livelihood
vironmentally sustainable management of Thailand's
Project to restart and diversify livelihoods in Ranong,
Andaman Sea Coastal Zone.  The EU is also supporting
so that they are more resilient to both economic and
capacity building through transfer of European know how
environmental shocks, in partnership with the Asian
and best practices in the field of coastal environment
Institute of Technology (AIT).  Additional initiatives
include cash for work programmes and provision of
micro finance.
Support for Early Warning Systems and Disaster
The Andaman Forum
, set up as a coordination mecha 
nism under the European Commission's CHARM
The RTG sought support from the international community
project, played a key role by functioning as a clearing
in strengthening its disaster preparedness capacity and
house for community needs and donor support in the
support for Early Warning Systems.
area of livelihood rehabilitation, helping EU Member
States to identify projects and channel support to the
The USA is supporting technical assistance on sys 
affected populations.
tems integration and capacity development for the Na 
tional Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC).   USAID  launched
Support in the housing sector has been provided,
the regional Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System
among others, by France, Canada, Italy, and Denmark,
Program in September 2005, which will provide technical
  in collaboration with CODI and CTF, with provision of
assistance to the region through an integrated,  end 
housing and improving the urban environment and
to end  approach addressing all stages of early warning
living conditions of the affected communities.
from initial hazard detection and warning to community 
level responses to warning messages.  This program
Education and childcare is another area supported by
directly supports ongoing international efforts to
a number of countries. Canada, France, Italy, Hungary,
develop a regional warning system under UNESCO's
and the Netherlands, with financial and implementa 
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC).
tion support from foundations, charities, local govern 
Donor coordination in this area remains critical, and joint
ments and NGOs from their home countries, are help 
consultations with the UN organizations, Germany,
ing build and repair schools, playgrounds, and childcare
Japan and Australia are being undertaken.
centres.  They have provided scholarships, school uni 
forms and computers for the affected children. They
IV Contribution of NGOs
are also supporting RTG efforts in the areas of child pro 
tection, counselling services, and care for orphans as
NGOs supported the efforts of the RTG in the relief and
well as other child development activities.
recovery operations.
Support for Environmental Rehabilitation
The Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS) played a leading role
in emergency response and relief in the affected six
A large number of countries are supplementing the
southern provinces by mobilizing money, materials,
efforts of the RTG in the area of environmental rehabili 
personnel and volunteers for the emergency relief
tation.  Japan (JICA) has assisted the coral reef recovery
programme, while Denmark and France are support 
ing the rehabilitation of the biodiversity and ecosys 
Coordination of donations was a critical management
tems in the National Parks. Germany (GTZ) is helping to
function that was taken on by the TRCS, as the outpouring
 The Andaman Forum was launched at a post  tsunami workshop in Phuket (14 15 February 2005), to provide a facility to link donors to
fishing communities who might require assistance in recovering from the tsunami.

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