Search and Rescue
disaster response.  The operation has provided an
opportunity for all countries involved to enhance
Military personnel from many countries, professional
technical data, identification methods, and learn from
SAR teams, volunteers, divers, and many others supported
each other.   The lessons relating to the resource implica 
the SAR operations. The US Navy and the USAID Office
tions and procedural requirements will prove invalu 
of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) worked
able should a similar need present itself in the future.
closely with Thai military units to support the search
The international DVI response has led to other longer 
and rescue operations using their special flat bottomed
term cooperation agreements.  The Royal Thai Police and
riverine boats to search for bodies in estuaries, mangrove
the Australian Federal Police have recently signed a
swamps, and island coves. 
  Units of the Japan Self
Memorandum of Understanding on Transnational
Defence Force dispatched three vessels   two Destroy 
Crime and Developing Police Cooperation.  This agree 
ers and one supply ship   with shipboard helicopters
ment will allow law enforcement cooperation in hu 
and personnel; SAR missions with experts from Japan's
manitarian circumstances.   The U.S. Government and
Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA), Police,
the RTG have signed a grant agreement for USD1.5
MOFA and JICA conducted SAR operations in the affected
million on 30 September 2005, to support the TTVI
area with helicopters, and provided transportation
Humanitarian Assistance
Disaster Victim Identification
The RTG did not appeal for assistance, unlike the other
The massive post disaster forensic operation was
countries in the region struck by the tsunami. Relief sup 
supported by a number of DVI teams from more than
plies poured in, notwithstanding.   Thailand's rapid and
30 countries. On the request of the RTG, the Australian
helpful decision to allow the use of U Tapao military
Federal Police (AFP) took a leading role in coordinating
base as the hub for relief supplies bound for Sri Lanka
the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) process.  A Forward
and Indonesia, in addition to Thailand, saved thou 
Command Post was established in Phuket and three
sands of lives in the tsunami affected countries.
mortuary sites set up.  The Australian Government
engaged the services of Kenyon International, a disaster
The Centre for Disease Control (CDC), as well as emergency
management company, to support the efforts of the
medical teams from many countries, assisted the RTG
Australian Federal Police DVI team on the ground in
in dealing with the medical needs of the survivors,
Phuket, and the repatriation of remains of victims.
surveillance for communicable diseases, and health
Kenyon's role was expanded to support the entire
international DVI effort in Thailand at a cost of USD12.2
million.  Many countries agreed to contribute to the
Reconstruction Support to Livelihoods, Housing,
costs. Three hundred and nine AFP officers have been
Childcare and Education
deployed to Phuket since the tsunami.   As of 31 October
2005, 11 still remained in Phuket, assisting with the TTVI
Countries provided assistance to affected communities,
 Teams made up of medical specialists from
complementing the efforts of the RTG. Several countries
the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), and US Armed
including Canada, France, the Netherlands, Austria and
Forces experts were also deployed to Thailand to as 
USA, provided help in the repair and construction of
sist with victim identification.  A US forensic anthro 
boats and building boatyards, furniture making, aqua
pologist led the scientific committee, providing advice
farming, and internships with national institutions to
on DNA collection and other technical matters.
train students in boat  and house building.
The unprecedented DVI response to the tsunami has
The EC, under the ongoing Coastal Habitats and
assisted the International DVI community in improving
Resources Management (CHARM) project in Southern
 USA Contribution to Tsunami One Year Later Report, November, 2005
 Japan Contribution to Tsunami One Year Later Report, November, 2005
 Australia Contribution to Tsunami One Year Later Report, November, 2005

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