and survival kits distributed to 60,000 beneficiaries;
Thematically, the main areas of UNCT engagement in
and from UNHCR a contribution of 50,000 USD to the
Thailand s longer term recovery are the following:
MFA Tsunami Assistance Account, for emergency shelter.
Livelihood recovery in fishing, agriculture and tourism
Within 72 hours, a UN Disaster and Assessment Coordi 
nation (UNDAC) mission from the Office for the Coordi 
Social protection for children and vulnerable
nation of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Geneva was in
groups, including migrant workers
place in Phuket, accompanied the first two days by the
Environmental rehabilitation (land subsidence,
UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator
mangrove and other coastal forestry, coral reef
in Thailand.  The UNDAC team stayed for three weeks
and assisted local authorities in the coordination of
clean up, improved coastal zone management)
international support, provided an informal clearing
Disaster preparedness and early warning system
house function for international partners, undertook
initial needs assessments, and provided daily status
Coordination of international support
reports to the UNCT and OCHA.
Although Thailand did not officially appeal for finan 
In order to ensure a coordinated and joint response
cial support, the Government welcomed support from
by the UN agencies in Thailand, the UN Humanitarian
the UNCT in the form of strategic technical support
Coordinator immediately set up a Disaster Management
and direct assistance to local governments and local
Team (DMT), bringing together the Heads of UNCT
NGOs working in the affected areas.  As agreed with
agencies to meet on a regular basis to coordinate sup 
the RTG, the UN Agencies in Thailand included project
port to Thailand.
proposals in the "regional component" of the UN Flash
Appeal issued on 6 January, thus allowing the UNCT
Within a week, the UNCT started to plan for the longer term
to access funding mobilized globally for the tsunami
recovery and initiated a number of needs assessments
focusing on social protection, livelihood recovery, environ 
mental rehabilitation, shelter, migrant workers, and
To date, the UNCT mobilized USD 30 million through
health care needs.  Joint UN missions visited the areas
UN flash appeal, and an additional USD 10 million
to minimize the burden on local partners.
through other channels or from agencies  core re 
sources.  Implementation of flash appeal projects is on
II UN Support   Longer Term Recovery
track and most of the funds will be spent by the end
of 2005 or early 2006, and the remainder by the flash
Working together, the UNCT in Thailand has played,
appeal deadline of 30 June 2006.
and continues to play, a strategic and crucial role in
supporting the RTG and local NGOs in the longer term
Throughout the year, the UNCT provided strategic sup 
recovery of the tsunami affected areas along the
port to the RTG in its efforts to coordinate the inflow
Andaman Coast.
of international support for the longer term recovery.
As already detailed in the earlier discussion on coordi 
In the spirit of partnership, the joint UNCT engagement
nation of international assistance, from January to
in Thailand is focused at two levels.  Firstly, policy advice
March 2005, the UNCT provided support in the areas
and technical cooperation for Government agencies
of environmental rehabilitation, geophysical hazards
on strategic issues related to local governance, coordi 
and livelihood restoration through sub committees
nation, livelihood recovery, social protection, land
established by the Prime Minister.  Later, the DAD pro 
rights, coastal zone environmental management, and
vided a useful platform for tracking donor support and
disaster preparedness and early warning.  Secondly,
monitoring of tsunami related projects.
direct support to local government and non govern 
mental and community based organizations to facilitate
community mobilization and empowerment, strengthen
communities  capacity for self organization, and
enhance the interface between communities and local

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