In some cases, the communities have been relocated to nearby government lands with long term
individual leases at nominal rent
.  In other cases, they have been allowed to rebuild on the same public land
they occupied earlier, as part of an integrated redevelopment plan, with these traditional fishing communi 
ties seen as a "feature" of the area
.  In certain cases, the communities have relocated from their old sites which
were destroyed, to nearby private land, collectively purchasing "user rights" to public land to which they will
be given a community land title from the Land Department
In some cases the land conflict has been solved through "land sharing" where landowners with title deeds
have agreed to share the land with the people who have lived there for years, and had considered the land
their own.  This has involved setting aside some portion of the land for people to rebuild their houses with
legal secured rights, giving the rest back to the land owner to develop commercially, such that the disputed
land is shared by both parties, and both parties benefit.  This has required intense negotiations and sensi 
tive mediation, often provided by the Tsunami Land Tenure Committee.
Source: Housing by People in Asia, Newsletter of Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, Number 16, August 2005
Box 11 Relocation to Collectively Purchased Private Land
A Muslim fishing community of 33 families in Ban
which the tsunami washed away completely.  The
Pak Triem lost their homes and belongings when
original village occupied 4.16 hectares of land.  After
the tsunami hit their island and ripped it into two.
considerable negotiations, it was agreed that the
CODI provided an interest free loan to help them
villages would keep 2.56 hectares and give 1.6 hec 
buy as a collective the  user rights  to a new piece
tares to the province.  In this way, Tung Wah has
of land in nearby mangroves. With donations and
become an important model on how to resolve
volunteers from various organizations, they built
land conflict cases.
new boats and fishing gear and have set up income
generating projects such as ecotours and carving,
Source: Housing by People in Asia, Newsletter of Asian Coalition
furniture making and tie dye batik for tourist souvenirs.
for Housing Rights, Number 16, August 2005
Secure Tenure Planning in Partnership with
4. Housing Design  getting it right
One example of long term renewable land lease to
Another challenge facing the RTG relates to the building
the community cooperative through the local district
of permanent houses for tsunami survivors.   The RTG
administration can be seen in Ban Hualam village
adopted a target of providing 3,349 houses, of which
in Koh Lanta, which has become almost a test case
2,685 had been completed by November 2005
for an unconventional kind of participatory, post 
These houses are being built according to standardized
disaster coastal planning process.  CODI, along with
and conventional house designs, which in several
a special planning team and with support from the
instances have not been found suitable by the benefici 
UNDP, facilitated a process in which all the local
aries.   According to critics there has been little consul 
groups (fishing communities, civic groups, district
tation in design, planning, construction and allotment
officials, local businessmen and NGOs) sat down
of these houses.
 R S
together, talked about what they would like to do,
and developed a collective master plan for the island.
Land Sharing Compromise
 Ban Ta Chatchai, Phuket
 Klong Pak Bang, Phuket
 Ban Pak Triem, Phang Nga
Ban Tung Wah is a village of indigenous Moken in
 Ban Tung Wah, Phang Nga
Khao Lak, Phang Nga, located on prime real estate
 Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, November 2005

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