Departments also deployed staff and resources to the
Mechanisms for Coordination of International Assistance
region in support of local authorities.
On December 27 2004, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
established an "Ad Hoc Task Force on Tidal Wave Disaster"
Three Deputy Prime Ministers were assigned responsi 
to coordinate foreign assistance and appointed a Humani 
bilities for long term coordination of the recovery work
tarian Relief Coordinator.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  overseeing the recovery of the environmental sector,
appointed a three person team to liaise with the UN.
the recovery of livelihoods and the establishment of a
tsunami early warning system, respectively.
On January 14  2005, with support from the World Bank
and UNDP, the Prime Minister established a Sub committee
In January 2005, RTG agencies were given the responsi 
for the Coordination of International Assistance, with
bility for recovery work.  Provincial governments were
three task forces on (i) Coastal and marine environmental
made responsible for the cleaning up of affected
restoration efforts, with UNDP as the lead support
beaches and streets; the Public Works Department for
agency; (ii) Geophysical hazards including seismic activity,
infrastructure repair and maintenance; the Ministry of
sink holes, landslides and saline incursion, with FAO
Natural Resources for clean water sources and monitoring
as the lead support agency; and (iii) Livelihood restora 
water quality and supply; the Agricultural Ministry and
tion issues,  with the World Bank and UNDP as the lead
the Thai Military for assisting fishermen in repair and
support agencies.
building of fishing boats; the Finance Ministry for assisting
businesses obtain loans for business recovery initiatives;
This process resulted in a useful mapping of roles,
the Education Ministry for rehabilitating schools and
responsibilities and activities, and of matching donor
ensuring that all orphans were provided  free board
offers with government needs.  The UN Thailand
and education.  The Interior Ministry was assigned to
website provided a platform for assessment reports,
oversee the establishment of temporary and permanent
updates, and other relevant information.  The Sub 
housing in cooperation with the Ministry of Social
committee and its Task Forces dissolved in March, and
Development and Human Security and the Thai Military.
the rehabilitation efforts were integrated into the regular
coordination mechanisms of the responsible agencies
Coordination of International Assistance
and line ministries.  In March 2005, the Thai International
Cooperation Agency (TICA) was assigned the role of
Coordination of Forensic Operations
coordinating international assistance for the longer term
Coordination issues impacted on the difficult and
recovery effort in collaboration with the DDPM, and
painstaking task of victim identification.  Lack of coordi 
the UN system, to track and manage donor support.
nation between the many international forensic teams
In October 2005, the Donor Assistance Database (DAD)
caused delays in the work of repatriation of bodies of
was installed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the
the tsunami victims.  Initially, each country team was
assistance of UNDP to aid tracking of tsunami assistance
using its own DNA methods, and overlapping identifi 
to Thailand.  The database provides a record of all tsunami
cation efforts by governments were slowing down
related projects, their funding, their status and the inter 
DNA testing.  The Thai Tsunami Victim Identification
national partners involved.  It identifies and highlights
(TTVI) Committee was set up under the Interior Minister,
for key decision makers in government, NGOs and the
comprising representatives from the Police, and Interior,
private sector, as well as for members of the general
Justice, Foreign Affairs and Public Health Ministries, to
public, what progress has been made and where there
ensure better coordination and resolve disputes arising
is still a continuing need for more assistance.
between different agencies dealing with the sensitive
and delicate task of victim identification.  The Committee
NGO Coordination and Networking
also ensured that forensic officials from all agencies
used TTVI standards on recovered bodies.  Interpol and
NGO networking and coordination was an important
at least 20 other national police forces took part in the
feature of the relief and recovery effort. Immediately
forensic operation.
after the disaster, the Community Organizations Devel 
 Chumchon Thai Foundation

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