Resource and Environment (MONRE) worked closely
The MONRE, in collaboration with the Asian Institute
with the Department of National Parks (DNP) and the
of Technology, World Wild Life Fund for Nature and
Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), in collabora 
IUCN, is being supported by UNEP in mainstreaming
tion with national and international partners, volunteers
and integration of environmental concerns in reconstruc 
and academia to assess the impact, repair the damage,
tion and rehabilitation activities, as well as supporting
and promote longer term rehabilitation.  The immediate
Integrated Coastal Zone Management and ecosystem
task in the aftermath of the disaster was the assess 
restoration.  The MONRE, with support from UNEP, is
ment of damage to coral reefs, the removal of debris,
developing a series of digital maps to help rehabilita 
and the restoration of damaged coral reefs to prevent
tion of damaged mangrove formations.
them from suffering long term damage.   Supported
by UNDP and UNOPS, the Phuket Marine Biologist
The Office of National Resources and Environment
Centre (PMBC), in collaboration with DMCR, volunteer
Policies and Planning (ONEP) under MONRE is putting
divers, the Royal Navy, Prince of Songkla University
in place legislation to protect the environment and
and Kasethsart University, successfully undertook
assist in the rehabilitation of natural resources in the
these tasks.  MONRE collaborated with FAO and UNDP
affected provinces.  The legislation would (i) prohibit
on the technical assessment of tsunami affected
illegal fishing gear such as trawl nets and push nets to
mangroves and other coastal forests to assist inte 
be used in coastal zones 3,000 meters away from the
grated costal land use planning and forest ecosystem
shorelines; (ii) specify regulations to avoid any activities
that lead to environmental degradation such as mangrove
encroachment, deforestation, waste discharge, and
The DMCR also worked closely with Chulalongkorn
coral damage; (iii) adopt the Building Control act to
University to evaluate different aspects of environmental
control the infrastructure and buildings to be developed
impact, and develop policies and plans to restore and
in coastal areas; (iv) and ensure that land use is environ 
protect natural resources and the environment.   In the
ment friendly.
longer term, the environmental rehabilitation plans
include regular monitoring of corals and maintaining
Provision of Shelter
them in healthy condition, protection of endangered
species such as sea turtles and dugongs, preserving
As a measure of immediate relief, families whose
mangrove forests, and devising suitable policies and
houses had been destroyed or damaged were provided
measures to implement rehabilitation plans in the tsunami 
emergency shelter in relief camps.   As a next step towards
impacted provinces.   Thailand is also now positioning
the recovery effort, temporary and permanent shelters
itself as a knowledge centre for natural resources
were built to house the affected families.   The Minis 
management, particularly of coral reefs, to share this
try of Social Development and Human Security was
knowledge with other countries in the region.
assigned the task of coordinating with various government
agencies efforts to provide shelter to those made home 
less by the tsunami.  A number of agencies, including
Table 16: Government Agencies Responsible
the military, the Ministry of Defence, National Housing
for House Construction
Authority, provincial government, and private com 
panies and contractors, were assigned the responsi 
Government agencies responsible
bilities of rebuilding the houses.   For the 3,361 people
 for construction of houses
who sought government assistance in housing, 2,688
houses had been built by November 2005.  The design
Defense Ministry
and building of houses according to the needs of
Phang Nga
Army and Navy
beneficiaries, as well as in regard to better land use,
Private Companies / contractors
management, and adherence to building codes and
regulations is a continuing challenge.
Air Force
Disaster Preparedness and Early Warning Systems
National Housing Authority
Since the tsunami, the RTG has focused considerable
Source: Department of Social Development and Welfare, Ministry
attention and resources on the establishment of an
of Social Development and Human Security, January 2005

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