support an alignment between DHS, FEMA, and response and recovery IT 
initiatives.  Our review showed clear disconnects among the planning 
documents.  Specifically, FEMA's strategic plan was created prior to the 
agency becoming part of DHS, has not been updated since then, and 
consequently does not align with specific response and recovery metrics 
outlined in DHS' plan.  We reviewed FEMA's IT strategic plan to 
determine whether technology approaches and initiatives support response 
and recovery mission goals and found that the IT plan is based on 
FEMA's outdated strategic plan.  As such, we recommended that both 
FEMA's strategic and IT plans be updated. 
Contrary to the EP&R CIO's statement, we neither assume nor state in our 
report that FEMA's strategic plan is the only mechanism to ensure 
alignment of FEMA plans and programs with DHS goals and objectives.  
As stated above, we focused on FEMA's strategic plan, because the EP&R 
CIO office identified this plan as the basis for IT planning and direction.  
Further, according to the 
Government Performance and Results Act of 
, performance based management and budgeting must begin with an 
overarching strategic plan.  As a result of our review, we identified 
misalignments between DHS' and FEMA's strategic planning documents 
that we would be remiss in not discussing in our report.  We did not seek 
to analyze FEMA's overall strategic planning process, or any of the other 
planning, programming, budgeting, and execution processes that the 
EP&R CIO identified.  Such processes were outside of the scope of our 
We neither dispute nor discuss the EP&R CIO's assertion that the goals 
and metrics identified in DHS' strategic plan were written by FEMA.  
Again, our intent was to point out disconnects between DHS' and FEMA's 
strategic planning documents and the need for FEMA updates to better 
support IT planning.  Nonetheless, we have revised our report to state that 
FEMA not only participated in working groups to help develop the DHS 
plan, but also defined and owns the response and recovery goals and 
metrics outlined in the DHS plan.  
We believe that the EP&R CIO's statement that some information in 
FEMA's strategic plan has been outpaced by events helps support our 
argument that the plan is outdated and needs to be revised.  Even though 
the main body of FEMA's strategic plan may remain applicable since the 
agency has become part of DHS, updating the plan as we recommend will 
help ensure that the FEMA and DHS plans do not conflict, but also 
support each other.  We have revised the language in our report to clarify 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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