We recommend that, in keeping with legislative requirements, the Under 
Secretary for EP&R: 
3.  Direct the EP&R CIO to complete the FEMA enterprise architecture, 
linked to the departmentwide architecture and ongoing initiatives that may 
impact EP&R operations. 
4.  Ensure cross cutting participation from headquarters, regions, and states in 
processes to develop and maintain a complete, documented set of FEMA 
business and system requirements.  Direct the EP&R CIO to analyze 
alternatives and determine the most appropriate approach to providing the 
technology needed to support these business and system requirements.  
5.  Direct the EP&R CIO to develop and maintain a testing environment that 
duplicates the real systems environment and ensures that all systems 
components are properly and thoroughly tested prior to their release.  
Additionally, direct the EP&R CIO to ensure that proper configuration 
management activities are followed and documented. 
Management Comments and OIG Evaluation 
We obtained written comments on a draft of this report from the Chief 
Information Officer (CIO), Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R), 
through the EP&R Under Secretary.  We have included a copy of the 
comments in their entirety at Appendix B. 
In the comments, the EP&R CIO found the draft report to be unacceptable, 
stating that it incorrectly characterized FEMA's strategic planning and IT 
activities and needed to be revised.  The EP&R CIO also said that the overall 
tone of the report was negative and did not acknowledge FEMA's  highly 
performing, well managed, and staffed IT systems,  leading the reader to 
conclude that EP&R is lacking, particularly in the areas we cover in our report 
recommendations.  The EP&R CIO invited us to meet with FEMA's strategic 
planning unit to best judge the extent to which the agency is in line with DHS 
strategic direction, as well as meet with EP&R CIO officials to clear up some 
of what the CIO called  obvious inaccuracies.  
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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