recovery operations of 28 major federal agencies and departments, the 
American Red Cross, and other volunteer organizations.  FEMA supplies 
immediate needs, such as ice, water, food, and temporary housing.  FEMA 
also provides financial assistance to individuals who have sustained damage to 
their personal property, and to state and local governments for damage to 
public property.   
FEMA has ten regional offices across the country to assist the states in 
disaster management.  The map below depicts this regional office structure.  
(See Figure 2).    
Figure 2:  FEMA Regional Offices 
Emergency and IT Support Capabilities 
EP&R provides an array of emergency operations, facilities, and systems to 
help manage disasters.  FEMA has four National Processing Service Centers 
which handle telephone registration and process victims' claims for disaster 
assistance, as well as five geographically dispersed Mobile Emergency 
Response Support operations which provide initial support for on site disaster 
management.  This mobile support includes providing voice, data, and video 
capabilities for emergency managers, as well as services such as water 
purification and power generation.  Immediately following this initial 
response, FEMA establishes disaster field offices and disaster recovery 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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