Appendix A      Using the ALI Formatting Tool for SBC Pacific Bell
Changing the Function Code
The Call Back for this ELIN option performs two important functions:
It alerts the PSAP that the phone they are calling back may not have generated 
the 911 call.
It enables the PSAP to call back to a phone that is located near the fictitious 
telephone number that did place the call.
Cisco recommends that you 
 enable this option by checking the Call Back 
for this ELIN field. (The default is to leave the field blank which defaults to no.)
Changing the Function Code
Cisco Emergency  Responder (Cisco ER) sets the Function Code to one of the 
I for Inserting a new ALI record (the default)
C for Updating an ALI record, such as changing a street name
D for Deleting an ALI record
If you make changes to an ALI record in Cisco ER to correct errors reported by 
your service provider, you may need to use AFT to change the Function Code for 
ELIN records. The following provides an example of when you need to change 
the function code.
Example A 1
Changing the Function Code
Cisco Emergency  Responder initially generates ALI records with a function code 
of I, for insert. After you format a file and export it to SBC Pacific Bell (PacBell) 
using AFT, PacBell may reject the file. The error may be that the street suffix is 
incorrect, for example. You cannot change the street suffix in AFT because this 
field is disabled in AFT. You must change the ALI record using Cisco ER.
When Cisco ER generates the ALI record the second time after you make the 
change, it sets the Function Code to C because it assumes that the first file was 
accepted. Use AFT to change the Function Code for ELIN records from C to I.
Then, generate the format using AFT, and send the reformatted file to PacBell.
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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