Chapter 4      Troubleshooting the ALI Formatting Tool
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
My Service Provider accepts NENA 2.0 files. From the 
Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER) documentation, I see that Cisco ER 
itself generates NENA 2.0 files. Will I need to use AFT for sending ALI files 
to my service provider?
Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER) was designed to generate ALI files 
in NENA 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 format. However, many service providers have 
specific fields that they use for internal purposes. If their fields are missing, 
they might reject the ALI file you send them from Cisco ER. These ALI files 
need formatting for the service provider specific fields. This might be adding, 
removing, or changing the position of some fields. AFT is a small application 
that you can download from CCO and use for formatting the ALI files which 
Cisco ER generates according to your service provider's requirements.
In my Cisco ER setup, I have a set of ELINs that I bought from PacBell and 
another set of ELINs that I bought from Sprint. I have configured these ELINs 
in Cisco ER. I did an ALI export and exported the ELINs to a single file. How 
will I send this ELIN file separately to PacBell and Sprint?
You can use AFT to accomplish this task. Perform the following steps:
Step 1
Download the AFT for SBC Pacific Bell and download the AFT for Sprint from 
CCO and install them on your Cisco ER server.
Step 2
Give the ALI file exported from Cisco ER as input to the SBC Pacific Bell AFT. 
Step 3
Perform the necessary formatting selectively for the SBC Pacific Bell ELINs:
Step 4
Use the SBC Pacific Bell Area Code which is different from the Sprint area code. 
Send this file of the SBC Pacific Bell ELINs to SBC Pacific Bell. 
Step 5
Repeat steps 2   4 to generate a file containing just the Sprint ELINs by using AFT 
for Sprint.
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