Chapter 3      Using the ALI Formatting Tool
Using AFT to Generate a Formatted ALI File
Step 6
Update the service provider fields in AFT:
For details about the service provider specific information required, see 
Appendix A,  Using the ALI Formatting Tool for SBC Pacific Bell. 
Step 7
At this point, if the service provider specific field is common for many ELIN 
records (for example, if all the ELIN records share the same Private Switch Code), 
you can use AFT's Bulk Update feature:
Menu > Tools  >  Bulk Update (Ctrl+B)
 or the 
Bulk Update
AFT displays the bulk update form.
Select one of the following options:
To apply the changes to all records, click the first tab: 
Apply All
To apply the changes to one area code, click the second tab: 
Apply by 
Area Code
To apply the changes to one area code and one city code, click the third 
Apply by Area Code and City Code
Step 8
Generate a formatted file in one of these way:
Go to Menu > Tools and click 
Generate Formatted File (Ctrl+G)
From the Tool Bar, click the Generate Formatted File icon.
AFT generates an ALI file in a format specific to your service provider and 
prompts you for a location to save it.
Step 9
Enter a location where you want to store the formatted file.
Step 10
Using the service provider's preferred method of transmitting files, send the ALI 
file to your service provider so they can update their E911 database with the 
ELINs from the AFT ALI file.
Be sure to keep a copy of the AFT ALI file for your records. This will be helpful 
if the service providers reports errors; you can make any required changes to the 
file without having to re do all the AFT formatting changes. 
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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