Chapter 3      Using the ALI Formatting Tool
Using the ALI Formatting Tool Interface
Table 3 1
Using the AFT Interface (continued)
Select ALI records to be 
In the tree, click in the ELIN check box.  Check marks will indicate 
exported to your service 
Use one of the following options:
the ELINs that are selected.
Select all ELINs in the tree by 
checking the root node of the tree.
Select all ELINs with a specific area 
code by checking the Area Code in 
the tree. For example, checking the 
408 check box will select all the 
numbers in the 408 area code.
Select all ELINs with a specific City 
Code by checking the City Code in 
the tree. For example, clicking on 
228 will also select 228 9333 and 
228 5672.
Select an individual ELIN by 
checking the 4 digit directory 
number, for example, 9933.
Generate Formatted File
Use one of the following methods:
AFT generates an ALI file in 
a format that your service 
Click the 
Generate Formatted File 
provider can read.
Go to Menu > Tools and click 
Generate Formatted File (Ctrl+G)
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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