Chapter 2      Installing the ALI Formatting Tool
Installing the ALI Formatting Tool
Installing the ALI Formatting Tool
The ALI Formatting Tool (AFT) is downloadable from the Internet. To install 
AFT, perform the following steps:
Step 1
Start the Cisco MCS or Cisco certified server and log in to Windows 2000.
Step 2
Use a web browser to access the following URL: bin/
Step 3
Download the AFT installation file that is specific to your service provider.
The AFT .exe files are named as shown here:
CER aft 
is the name of your Service Provider
mainrelease, minorrelease 
 make up the AFT release 
For example, to select the SBC Pacific Bell AFT, click on: 
CER aft SBC_PacBell.1 1 1.exe
Step 4
Double click on the downloaded file to launch the installer.
The Welcome to the ALI Formatting Tool (AFT) Installation Wizard screen 
Step 5
At this point, the installation checks for the presence of Cisco ER 1.1 or later.
If Cisco ER 1.1 or later is not present, you are prompted to install it. The 
installation of AFT will not continue until Cisco ER 1.1 or later is present.
Step 6
The License Agreement Screen appears.
Step 7
 and click 
The User Information Screen appears.
Step 8
Enter the user name and organization information and click 
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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