Chapter 1      Overview of ALI Formatting Tool
Understanding E911 and Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology
Table 1 1
E911 and Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology (continued)
Emergency service zone. The area covered by a given PSAP. This area usually 
includes several police and fire departments. For example, a city and its suburbs 
might be serviced by one PSAP.
Each ESZ is assigned a unique emergency service number (ESN) to identify it.
Master street address guide. A database listing of all valid street address ranges 
within a community, the contents of which is typically managed by a local 
government organization. The MSAG database service can be managed by a local 
government organization, an incumbent local exchange carrier, or by a database 
service provider (often the same as the ALI database service provider).
National Emergency Number Association. The organization that recommends 
data and file formats for ALI definitions and other emergency call requirements 
in the United States. Cisco Emergency Responder uses the NENA formats for 
ALI data export files. Your service provider might have additional restrictions on 
data format, so ensure that your ALI entries abide by your service provider's 
Public safety answering point. This is the organization that receives emergency 
calls, for example, the 911 operator. The PSAP is staffed by people trained in 
handling emergency calls. The PSAP talks to the emergency caller and notifies 
the appropriate public service organizations (such as police, fire, or ambulance) 
of the emergency and its location.
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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