Chapter 1      Overview of ALI Formatting Tool
Understanding E911 and Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology
Understanding E911 and 
Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology
Table 1 1
 defines some of the key terminology used in this document.
Table 1 1
E911 and Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology
Automatic location information. Information that ties an ELIN to a location, and 
is used to route emergency calls from that ELIN to the correct local PSAP. 
Information that is presented to the PSAP to help the PSAP locate the emergency 
caller. In Cisco Emergency Responder, you fill in ALI data for each ERL, and 
submit the ALI data to your service provider for inclusion in the ALI database.
Automatic number identification. ANI is another name for ELIN. 
Centralized automated message accounting. An analog phone trunk that connects 
directly to an E911 selective router, bypassing the PSTN.
Direct inward dial. A telephone number obtained from your service provider that 
can be used to dial into your telephone network. DIDs are used for ELINs.
Emergency location identification number. A phone number that routes the 
emergency call to the local PSAP, and which the PSAP can use to call back the 
emergency caller. The PSAP might need to call the number if the emergency call 
is cut off, or if the PSAP needs additional information after normally ending the 
emergency call. See 
emergency call
A call made to the local emergency number, such as 911. 
Cisco Emergency Responder routes the call to the service provider's network, 
where the call is routed to the local public safety answering point (PSAP).
emergency caller
The person who places the emergency call. The caller might require help for a 
personal emergency, or might be reporting a more general emergency (fire, theft, 
accident, and so forth).
Emergency response location. The area from which an emergency call is placed. 
This is not necessarily the location of the emergency. If an emergency caller is 
reporting a general emergency, the actual emergency might be in a different area. 
In Cisco Emergency Responder, you assign switch ports and phones to ERLs, 
and ERL definitions include ALI data.
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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