Overview of ALI Formatting Tool
The Automatic Location Information Formatting Tool (AFT) enables you to 
modify the automatic location information (ALI) records that you create in 
Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER) to a format that is compatible with the 
one used by your service provider.
Cisco Emergency Responder helps you manage emergency calls in your 
telephony network. Cisco Emergency Responder tracks a system's phones and 
locations and exports this information in ALI records that conform to National 
Emergency Number Association (NENA) 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 formats. However, 
many service providers do not use NENA standards. You can use AFT to modify 
the Cisco ER generated ALI records according to service provider specific 
formats. That service provider then uses the reformatted file to update their ALI 
 ALI Formatting Tool User Guide 
provides you with the information that you 
need to understand, install, use and troubleshoot AFT. Service provider specific 
information is described in the appendix.
These topics provide an overview of the ALI formatting tool:
Overview of Enhanced 911, page 1 2
Overview of the ALI Formatting Tool, page 1 3
Understanding E911 and Cisco Emergency Responder Terminology, 
page 1 4
ALI Formatting Tool User Guide for SBC Pacific Bell
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