Muatar Khaidarova, ICNL's partner and Chairman of Society and Law; Bureau on Human Rights; 
Association of Young Lawyers; Intelcom; League of Women Lawyers; Association of Lawyers of 
Tajikistan; Union of Lawyers; Fidokor; Association of women with Higher Education.  
Government Officials and Deputies of the Parliaments 
Sanovbar Khamidova, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Finance, and 
Taxation of the Majilisi Namoyandagon of Majilisi Oli; Shavkat Makmudovich Ismailov, Chairman 
of the Parliamentary Committee on Law and Order and Defense; Abdumanon Kholikov, Chairperson 
of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation and Human Rights; Abdullo Oripov. deputy of the 
Parliament ( Madjlisi Oli); Babaeva Laili, deputy of the Parliament, Committee on International 
Relations, Public Associations and Information; Tatiana Bozrikova, Advisor to the President; Bakhtiar 
Sultanov, Vice Minister of State Revenue and Fees; Tojeniso Azizova, Deputy Minister of Justice; 
Sumangul Tagaeva, Head of the Department on Registration of Public Associations of the Ministry of 
Justice; Jumakhon Davlatov, Head of the Legal department of the Tajikistani Government; Rasul 
Abdulloev, Chief Legal Expert of the Ministry of Justice. 
NGO  Bospor ; NGO  Merdzhen ; Center for Pedagogy and Psychology; NGO  Annageldy , NGO 
 IDEA . 
Government Officials and Deputies of the Parliaments 
Abram Mogilevsky, Scientific Secretary of the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights; 
Aman Achilov, Deputy Hakim of Lebap Velayat, Head of the Department on Public and International 
Organizations; Batyr Abdyev, Chief Specialist on Legal Issues, Lebap Velayat. 
US and International Organizations 
The ICNL Partner Alexander Galaganov maintains constructive and cooperative relations with 
various NGOs and international organizations operating in Uzbekistan. These include 
ABA/CEELI, UNDP, the Soros Foundation, Eurasia, and other organizations that have an active 
interest in ICNL s legislative projects. 
ICNL together with the OSCE Center in Tashkent and the Legal Issues Research Center (LIRC), a 
legal NGO, is presently working on a joint project involving the development of a trilingual 
(Russian Uzbek English) common glossary of terms used in legislative acts on nongovernmental 
noncommercial organizations that will be used in the development of the normative legal acts and 
interpretation of legislative provisions governing NGOs.  
ICNL regularly cooperates with the National Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan and the 
Institute of Monitoring of the Current Legislation of Olyi Majilis (Parliament) in the development 
of legislation affecting the NGO sector in Uzbekistan. 
In cooperation with the National Human Rights Center of Uzbekistan, the Open Society Institute, 
Counterpart, and INTRAC, and with the financial assistance from DFID (British Embassy), ICNL 
has organized a joint project to conduct a series of 14 roundtable discussions on social partnership 
issues all over the Republic of Uzbekistan. Each roundtable brings together state officials, senior 
executives from state  and privately owned companies, international and local NGOs, and legal 
practitioners. The purpose of the roundtables is the development and adoption of legislation 
favorable to the development of social partnerships between the state and NGOs. 

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