experts. ICNL will provide technical assistance to both working groups to help them develop this law 
in accordance with internationally accepted best practices. 
Preparation for the Series of 10 Seminars on NGO Taxation and Accounting 
In advance of the series of 10 seminars on taxation and accounting of NNOs which are scheduled for 
the fall 2002, ICNL together with a group of experts led by G.M. Figlin, began work on the 
preparation of a methodological guide. The present guide will be designed for the seminar participants 
as well as for distribution among NNO bookkeepers, CSSCs, and international organizations. The 
purpose of the guide would be to provide information about the existing requirements taxation, 
accounting, and reporting for NNOs as well as scheduled changes beginning with January 2003. The 
guide will include both an analytical portion as well as the practical part that will provide examples of 
taxation, budgetary planning, and bookkeeping by NGO leaders. It is planned that this guide will be 
sent to the Ministry of Finance for official approval. ICNL will provide a commentary which will be 
used in preparing the first edition of the guide. 
Law on State Registration of Legal Entities  
ICNL has begun work together with the public expert council on writing a law On State Registration 
of Legal Entities. The present law is designed to establish a single registration procedure and a single 
registering body for both commercial and noncommercial entities, reduce NNO registration fees and 
application processing period, and eliminate the registering body's powers to refuse issuing a decision 
on the registration of an NNO. In September, the first roundtables on this draft law are scheduled to 
be held with direct involvement of ICNL. The draft law will also be published in the press and ICNL 
will provide an expert commentary on the issue. 
ICNL Conducts a Series of Seminars on  NGO Legislation  in Tashkent 
On May 16 17, ICNL conducted two seminars for NGO Resource/Support Centers staff and trainers 
working in the regions across Uzbekistan on legislation governing Uzbek NNOs. The seminar was 
sponsored by the Global Training Development/USAID and was attended by 70 participants 
representing the NGO leaders, accountants, trainers, and international organizations. The purpose of 
the seminars was to help NGO Resource/Support Centers staff and trainers working in the regions to 
understand the specifics of the Law on Nongovernmental Noncommercial Organizations, registration 
requirements and procedures, as well as the various tax and customs privileges available to NGOs. 
Fundraising information and information on NGO accounting and reporting requirements was also 
provided. In addition, a training video was developed that will be available for viewing at the 
Resource Centers so as to reach as many NGOs and initiative groups as possible. 
ICNL Assists Merci Corps and ACDI/VOCA at a Seminar on Microlending in Namangan 
On May 19 20, ICNL partner Alexander Galaganov made a presentation on the legal environment, 
registration, and taxation of NNOs and legislation governing non banking financial institutions at a 
Merci Corps and ACDI/VOCA organized seminar on microlending in Namangan.  The seminar was a 
success and received wide official awareness and prominent coverage on Namangan TV. Participants 
asked many questions about NNO legislation in Uzbekistan and requested that more trainings on legal 
issues be held. ICNL also provided the NNO which will be working on microlending issues in 
Uzbekistan with sample NNO charters to assist them in the registration process.  
ICNL Provides Technical Assistance for Lawyers on Legal Terminology Related to NNOs  
At the present time, Uzbekistan legislation governing NNOs contains many terminological 
inconsistencies that hinder the proper implementation of this legislation and its interpretation by 
courts. Following the January roundtable discussion for lawyers on the unification of legal 
terminology related to NNOs that was organized by ICNL together with the OSCE Center in Tashkent 
and the Legal Issues Research Center (LIRC), a working group has been formed by LIRC that is 
developing a trilingual (Russian Uzbek English) common glossary of terms used in legislative acts on 
nongovernmental noncommercial organizations. The glossary will be discussed and evaluated by the 
Oliy Majlis committees and will obtain  semi official  status. It will then be used in the development 
of the normative legal acts governing NGOs as well as a tool for the Ministry of Justice, the Cabinet 

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