Issues was provided to the participants. The final session discussed the trends in the development of 
NGO legislation in Turkmenistan. The participants unanimously agreed that Turkmenistan NGO 
legislation needs to undergo further reform and be brought in accordance with international best 
practices. They also agreed that it NGO representatives should be able to participate in the 
development of new legislation affecting NGOs. 
ICNL Holds a Series of Seminars on NGO Government Social Partnerships  
On May 28 31, ICNL held a series of seminars on  NGO Government Social Partnerships  in three 
Turkmen cities: Ashgabad, Dashoguz, Turkmenabat. The seminar was sponsored by the Global 
Training Development/USAID and was attended by 88 participants representing the government, 
NGOs, and business entities in Turkmenistan. Counterpart provided assistance in organizing the 
seminar and selecting seminar participants. The goal of the seminar was to develop a concept of 
NGO government partnerships and educate the participants on general types of cooperation between 
governments, NGOs, and business entities, international experience with public participation, and 
mechanisms of state support of NGOs (subsidies, grants, state procurement). The participants also 
examined Turkmen legislation Turkmen legislation and compared it with international best practices. 
The participants were provided ICNL books on Legal Mechanisms of Public Financing of 
Noncommercial Organizations, and  Comparative Research and Legislation on Social Partnership 
Issues. The program was a great success. For the first time, NGOs and government officials in 
Turkmenistan met to discuss social partnership issues. The participants stated that this training 
provided an opportunity for them to establish contacts and discuss opportunities for cooperation as 
well as problems hindering such partnerships. Participants also noted that they increased their 
knowledge on civic organizations and the institutional and financial viability of social partnerships, 
and that they will try to use the new information to improve the technical and management capacities 
of their organizations.  
ICNL's Assistance with NGO Efforts on the Draft Law on Charity 
The initiative group led by NGO  Renaissance  from Nukus has prepared a new version of the draft 
law on charity and associated draft amendments to the Tax Code. The new version follows over six 
months of work by the initiative group, following the January discussions of the initial draft in Nukus 
in January 2002 and roundtable discussions of the draft in Tashkent in February that was organized by 
the Network of Uzbekistan's NGOs  Khamkor  and USAID/Global Training for Development 
Project in collaboration with ICNL and the Committee of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of 
Uzbekistan on Democratic Institutes, Nongovernmental Organizations and Self regulating Bodies. 
ICNL also assisted the initiative group by preparing a commentary, providing consultations, and 
sharing comparative materials demonstrating good practices in the regulation of charities in various 
countries. The Nukus initiative group plans to submit the new version of the draft law on Charity to 
Parliament in July 2002. ICNL will issue a commentary to the new draft and continue to assist Uzbek 
NGOs and government officials in developing legislation that will regulate charities is in accordance 
with international best practices. 
ICNL Assistance to Uzbek Experts and Parliamentarians in Developing a Law on State 
Guarantees to NNOs  
Following President Karimov's last speech to the Oliy Majlis on the need to establish greater 
cooperation between the state and NNOs, the Uzbek Parliament has formed a working group on 
developing a draft law On Guarantees of Activity and support of Nongovernmental Noncommercial 
Organizations (draft name of the law). The draft law is designed to guarantee Uzbekistan citizens the 
right to form NNOs, provide for state defense of NNO rights, and establish a mechanism of state 
support of NNOs in the form of grants, state procurement of NNO services, as well as the creation of 
a foundation that will provide financial support to NNOs. In addition to the parliamentary working 
group that is headed by Akmal Saidov, Chairman of the Committee of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of 
Uzbekistan, on Democratic Institutes, NGO and Self Governing Bodies and Director of the National 
Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan, another working group has been formed by NGOs and law 

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