In May and June 2002, ICNL in collaboration with Tajik NGO  Society and Law  held a series of 
seminars for youth and law students in five Tajik cities on the  International Principles of NGO 
Legislation  that was sponsored by the Global Development Project (GTD)/USAID with 
contributions from the Norwegian Council on Refugees, a UNHCR affiliate. Trainings were held in 
Dushanbe, Khujand, Kurgan tube, Kuliab, and Khorog. Over 143 university and institute students and 
young NGO volunteers attended the seminars. The purpose of the seminars was to educate the next 
generation of future leaders, officials, and activists on the international principles underlying 
legislative regulation of NGOs as well as best practices in NGO internal governance, taxation, and 
accountability. Participants examined the role and purpose of NGOs in a democratic society and 
compared Tajikistan legislation with that of other countries. Participants were encouraged to actively 
participate in the development of NGO legislation in Tajikistan and to work with NGOs as staffers or 
volunteers. One of the recommendations from the participants was that the number and duration of 
such seminars be increased and that NGO legislation be taught at law schools and universities, since 
most students and young people have very little understanding about their rights of association and the 
importance of the Third Sector across the world. ICNL will continue in its efforts to educate Tajik 
students on NGO legislation and international best practices for the regulation of the NGO sector. 
Muatar Khaidarova, as chairperson of the legal NGO Society and Law, has been included in the 
Tajikistan Government Commission on Compliance of National Legislation with International 
Standards on Human Rights. The Commission is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Zukhurov and 
includes high government officials and two NGOs and is responsible for reforming Tajik legislation 
and preparation of national reports on human rights. In this role, Ms. Khaidarova will be able to 
advocate for the development of NGO legislation in Tajikistan in accordance with international best 
On March, 25 29, 2002, ICNL partner Muatar Khaidarova participated at UNDP's invitation at the 
Fourth Annual Meeting of the Anti Corruption Network in Istanbul that was sponsored by USAID, 
OECD, and Transparency International. About 100 participants from different countries attended this 
event. The meeting addressed rule of law, good governance, and civic action issues. The ICNL partner 
made a presentation about civil participation and NGO activities in Tajikistan at the one of the 
sections of the meeting. After her presentation, she was approached by a representative of 
Transparency International who sought cooperation with ICNL on NGO involvement in anti 
corruption issues. ICNL will continue to advocate for ethical conduct by NGOs and NGO 
participation in anti corruption issues and will assist other organizations working in that area. 
ICNL Holds a Seminar on NGO Legislation for Turkmen NGOs 
On April 5, 2002, ICNL in cooperation with Counterpart and with assistance from ABA held a 
seminar on  NGO Legislation  for Turkmenistan NGOs. The purpose of the seminar was to educate 
participants on Turkmenistan legislation governing noncommercial organizations and international 
best practices in NGO legislation. Twenty NGO representatives attended the seminar. All costs 
associated with the seminar were paid by ICNL. ICNL partner in Turkmenistan Elena Vasilyeva made 
a presentation about the basics of NGO legislation and the reasons governments across the world 
support the development of a strong non profit sector. She also provided comparative information on 
status legislation governing different types of NGOs in Turkmenistan and other countries. Of 
particular interest to participants were issues pertaining to the regulation of unregistered associations' 
activity and international experience with unregistered NGOs. Turkmenistan legislation was analysed 
in detail and participants discussed the difficulties in becoming registered as a non commercial 
organization. Another section of the seminar was dedicated to social partnerships between the 
government and NGOs. The participants were divided into small groups and they worked on 
examining a model NGO government partnership project. The participants designed the mission for 
the organisation, its management structure, and its projects. The idea was to show participants that 
they could present their projects not only to international donors, but to government officials as well. 
As a resource book, the ICNL book Comparative Research and Legislation on Social Partnership 

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