draft amendments, the participants resolved to start an advocacy campaign to lobby for the adoption 
of the draft law by the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic. 
Social Partnership 
At the request of the Association of Non Government and Non Commercial Organizations, ICNL 
provided technical assistance in drafting model agreement on social partnership between the said 
Association and the Osh Oblast Administration. The agreement establishes a legal mechanism for the 
involvement of NGOs in partnerships with state bodies and local administrations on social issues. It is 
expected that the Association will enter into similar agreements with local governments throughout 
On June 26, ICNL partner Yuri Khvan made a presentation on the legal mechanisms of state support 
of NGOs at the roundtable on social partnership issues that was organized by the Public Council 
under the Head of President's Administration. The presentation drew significant interest from the 
participants who were interested in state subsidies to NGOs and state procurement of NGO services. 
An initiative group was formed among the participants that is interested in the development of rules 
governing the provision of subsidies by municipalities. 
In June, Yuri Khvan made a presentation on the legal regulation of fundraising at the Counterpart 
training on  NGO Fundraising  that was held for CSSC leaders from all regions of Kyrgyzstan. In his 
presentation, he raised the issues of legislative regulation of NGO fundraising as well as the draft 
amendments to the Kyrgyz Tax Code affecting noncommercial and charitable organizations. 
Participants asked many questions about fundraising and taxation of NGOs. In discussions that 
followed, participants raised the issue that more trainings on legal issues should be held. 
ICNL Continues Work on the Development of NGO Legislation in Tajikistan 
On May 18, 2002, ICNL in collaboration with Tajik NGO  Society and Law  held a roundtable for 
NGOs, parliamentarians, government officials, and law specialists on  The Legal Aspects of the 
Registration of Juridical Entities in Tajikistan: Problems and Perspectives  that was sponsored by the 
Global Development Project (GTD)/USAID. The seminar was attended by 27 participants. The 
purpose of the roundtable was to encourage parliamentarians and specialists to complete work on the 
final details on this draft law and to educate NGO leaders and government officials regarding the 
international principles and best practices underlying registration of NGOs. The training was attended 
by the Director of the Registration Dept. of the Ministry of Justice Samangul Tagaeva, and the 
Ministry's chief legal expert Rasul Abdulloev. It also provided an opportunity for government 
officials from most oblasts of Tajikistan to answer specific questions from NGOs and clarify potential 
problems with the possible implementation of the new registration standards. NGOs and government 
officials also had an opportunity to establish professional contacts with each other and agreed to 
collaborate on NGO legislation and various social issues. At the seminar, the MOJ's chief legal expert 
Rasul Abdulloev presented an overview of the existing legislation governing the registration of legal 
entities in Tajikistan, followed by Muatar Khaidarova's presentation of registration requirements in 
other CIS countries. The draft law was then presented as well as ICNL commentary and 
recommendations. Participants then discussed the draft law article by article and provided 
recommendations for further changes in the draft. Of particular concern was the fact that under 
existing legislation too many powers are placed in the Ministry of Justice which is responsible for 
legal expertise of constituent documents of legal entities and control over observance of the legal 
entities' activities. The Ministry of Justice officials were gracious in their acceptance of comments 
that were critical of some of the provisions included in the draft since they understood that such broad 
powers do not correspond to world practice and are impracticable.  Mr. Jumakhon Davlatov, the head 
of the Legal department of the Tajikistani Government, informed the participants that on May 28, 
2002, the Tajikistan Government will present the draft law to the Parliament and that all comments to 
the draft law must be submitted a week prior to that date.  A Madjlisi Oli deputy Mr. Abdullo Oripov 

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