In May 2002, Kevin T. Borrup joined ICNL as the new Program Director for Central Asia based in 
Almaty, Kazakhstan. Mr. Borrup received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of 
Connecticut, Master of Public Administration degree (International Development Policy track) from 
the Rutgers University, and Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers School of Law at Camden. Prior to 
joining ICNL, Mr. Borrup served as the Compliance Officer at the Council on Accreditation for 
Children and Family Services (COA), New York, USA, a non profit organization having quasi 
regulatory authority in the social services sphere. At COA, Mr. Borrup was responsible for monitoring 
compliance with COA's more than 1,000 best practice standards for 1,200 social service organizations 
throughout the U.S. and Canada. Formerly, Mr. Borrup served as a Non Governmental Organization 
(NGO) Consultant for the United States Peace Corps in Lithuania, working directly with local NGOs 
on legal, organizational and management issues.  
Mr. Borrup and Natalia Bourjaily, ICNL Vice President (NIS), spent two weeks meeting with ICNL's 
partner organizations, government officials, and parliamentarians in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and 
Uzbekistan laying the groundwork for implementing the next phase of the work plan. They met with 
law faculty and educators involved in the development of local NGO law courses. They also met with 
government representatives to discuss current and upcoming legislative initiatives involving the NGO 
sector and ICNL's current and proposed technical assistance projects in relation to these initiatives. 
In the second Quarter, ICNL organized and provided 12 trainings throughout Central Asia that were 
financed by GTD. Organized on short notice and using unspent funds remaining in the GTD program 
at the end of their project, the trainings were designed to cover issues of greatest interest to the NGO 
community in the 5 Central Asian countries (NGO legislation, taxation, social partnerships, etc.).  
Virtually all of the trainings were held in late April and May: 3 in Turkmenistan, 8 in Tajikistan, 1 in 
Kazakhstan, 1 in Kyrgyzstan, 2 in Uzbekistan. Because of the travel difficulties, one of the Tajik 
seminars was postponed until June. ICNL is grateful for the extra funding and the opportunity to 
provide necessary trainings to NGOs in Central Asia and looks forward to further opportunities to 
educate and build capacity of Central Asian NGOs. Further information about these trainings can be 
found in the Activities section for individual countries. 
In May, ICNL provided Counterpart with materials on legislation governing NGO taxation and 
fundraising activities in Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. There materials 
included excerpts from the Civil Code, NGO law, Tax Code, Charity law (if any), state procurement 
legislation, etc. and were used by Counterpart's outside consultant Natalia Yantsen in preparing a 
presentation on the legal aspects of NGO fundraising in Central Asia. Counterpart also plans to use 
ICNL materials in the preparation of its module on NGO fundraising activities.  
On June 27, 2002, ICNL experts made a presentation to Central Asian NGOs, Civil Society Support 
Center coordinators and trainers, and government officials at Counterpart regional training on Social 
Partnership. Kevin Borrup, Alexander Nisengolts, and Vsevolod Ovcharenko spoke about social 
partnerships, state financing and state procurement issues, NGO taxation, and legal regulation of 
charitable activity in all five Central Asian countries. In the discussion that followed, participants 
asked questions about legislation and noted the need for greater access to information about 
legislative developments in the region and greater cooperation between international organizations, 
NGOs, and government officials in Central Asia. As a follow up to the training, ICNL will contribute 
a section on relevant legislation that will be used in preparation of the Counterpart module on social 
Because of the high interest in the taxation of noncommercial organizations in the Central Asian 
countries and the corresponding demand for ICNL books on these topics, ICNL re edited and re 
published its book Taxation of Noncommercial Organizations.  Originally prepared under the 

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