discussed this past spring at a public hearing held by the Parliamentary Committee for Public 
Associations and Information Policy Affairs and a roundtable (See Section C  Activity Overview  
below for more details). 
Tajikistan President and NGOs Hold a Conference on Social Partnership Issues 
On June 21, 2002, Counterpart held an International Conference on Social Partnership that was 
attended by the President Emomali Rahmonov of Tajikistan, cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, 
international organizations, and NGOs. The conference came as a result of an eight month effort by 
Counterpart, ICNL, and the NGO community to obtain greater acknowledgement of the Third 
Sector's role in the reconstruction and development of Tajikistan. ICNL partner, Muatar Khaidarova, 
was a member of the working group that planned and organized the conference. Muatar also provided 
consultations to NGOs on legal issues and helped them prepare presentations for the conference. As a 
result of the conference, participants agreed to establish closer dialogue and cooperation, particularly 
at the local level, and work together on the resolution of the socio economic problems of Tajikistan. 
The Draft Law  On State Registration of Legal Entities in Tajikistan  Is Submitted to 
The draft law  On State Registration of Legal Entities in Tajikistan  has been finally submitted to the 
Majlisi Namoyandagon of the Majlisi Oli (Parliament). The draft law establishes a simplified single 
registration procedure for both commercial and noncommercial legal entities and makes registration 
of legal entities in Tajikistan comparable to that of other CIS and CEE states. The submission of the 
draft law has come as a result of one and a half  years of intensive efforts by ICNL, international 
organizations, and Tajikistani NGOs to improve this draft law. The draft law has undergone five 
drafts and ICNL has submitted several commentaries to the evolving drafts of the law. In addition, 
Muatar Khaidarova held four seminars and roundtables on the draft law and participated in numerous 
meetings with drafters, government officials, parliamentarians, and NGOs to improve the draft law's 
provisions. Despite frequent changes in the Government of Tajikistan and the introduction of new 
regressive provisions by conservative officials   all this which has contributed to the long drafting 
process   the submission of this draft law to Parliament represents a major step in the development of 
NGO legislation in Tajikistan. 
The Draft Law on Public Foundations Is Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers 
The draft law  On Public Foundation  received the Cabinet of Ministers' approval and should soon be 
submitted to Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The draft law is a result of a yearlong effort 
supported by ICNL. ICNL reviewed and provided commentary to numerous draft versions of the law, 
and ICNL organized a seminar and several roundtables to discuss the evolving drafts on the law. In 
January and June, 2002 ICNL also submitted commentaries to the different versions of the law. 
Although there was initially strong resistance from conservative officials at the Ministry of Justice 
who introduced several restrictive provisions, including a provision requiring 10 individuals as 
founders to establish a foundation, technical assistance by ICNL and hard work by the other law 
drafters has led to the removal of these restrictions and reintroduction of provisions favorable to the 
development of foundations in Uzbekistan. The draft law is expected to pass the first reading of 
Parliament in August 2002. 

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