According to the results of the OD evaluation conducted by regional OD specialists, the Country 
staff was able to revise and adjust its strategic plan and design various localization models.  
Disparities in reporting data were revealed during the examination of the training reports. The 
major disparities showed up in the two initial quarterly reports of 2001 because the database was 
launched in April 2001. Currently, the process of restoration and adjustment in report data is in 
The support centers planed only four trainings for July because participation is generally low 
during the summer travel time. The CSSCs scheduled most of trainings for Fall 2002. 
Lessons learned after the evaluation of the community action grants: 
Many of the initiative groups had not conducted any type of market research so as to develop a 
proper budget. We recommended that the CSSCs assist the NGOs and initiative groups in 
developing a proper project budget.  
In most communities where we conducted evaluations people were unaware of their role in the 
implementation of the project. It was suggested that for future projects local NGOs spend more 
time with people in the communities to clarify their role and responsibilities.  
Counterpart has also recommended to the CSSCs and partner NGOs and CBOs that they 
encourage community initiative groups to inform fellow community members about the project 
by keeping a journal for a public record of the project.  
The problem that many of the communities faced was a lack of knowledge and experience in 
community project administration. Therefore, Counterpart has recommended that the CSSCs and 
target NGOs conduct a small session for the members of the initiative group on project 
management before the project starts.  
Counterpart's policy of sharing information on the development of civil society with not only NGOs 
and initiative groups but also local government and business has resulted in the support of NGO 
activities by local governments. This is a significant change from two years ago when civic 
organization development was denied at all levels of government. As a result, for the first time a 
representative of the Lebap Khakimlik took part in the regional training on "Social Partnership  
organized in Almaty by Counterpart. The Khakimlik representative took the responsibility to invite 
etrap level government officials to the  Social Partnership  presentation meeting to be held in 

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