A Meeting with Nusrat Khamidov, Asian Development Bank, to discuss using the CSSCs in 
conducting trainings and implementing community projects to be financed by ADB as well as 
discuss cooperation between ADB and Counterpart to use social partnership to solve community 
A roundtable conducted by the International National Foundation for the Democracy support in 
the Kokand CSSC office on April 6 to get acquainted with NGO development in Kokand city as 
well as provide NGOs with the grant programs of the Foundation; 20 NGO representatives 
participated in the Roundtable. 
The regular meeting of the international organizations working in the Fergana Valley took place 
in the Kokand CSSC on April 25   the participants discussed their current programs. 
In April, IREX applied to the Nukus CSSC for cooperation on Mass Media development in 
Karakalpakstan and the Women Development Program.  
The Bukhara CSSC in cooperation with the Resource Center of ACCELS (scholarship 
foundation) graduates conducted training from April 2 6 for NGOs on working with the Internet. 
10 NGO representatives have been trained. 
The Bukhara CSSC rendered assistance from April 13 14 to the Soros Foundation during the 
seminar on effective attraction of resources for the realization of creative projects. 24 NGO 
representatives participated. After the seminar Bukhara CSSC conducted a roundtable and 
presented Counterpart Consortium programs. 
The Urgench CSSC Manager meet with the Manager of the Dashoguz CSSC (Turkmenistan) on 
April 11 to discuss the question of a cooperative solution to their border problems.  
In February the Urgench CSSC met with the international initiative group UZ COHRED (Council 
on Scientific Health Researches) for the first time. COHRED defined the Urgench CSSC as a 
partner in their work with state structures and NGOs. COHRED developed a questionnaire on 
health problems among medical NGOs and communities. The information collected is processed 
by the CSSC NGO support coordinator and sent to COHRED. 
The CSSC Manager visited the NGO Anageldy (Chardjou, Turkmenistan) on June 7 and 8 to get 
acquainted with its activities. 
June 27, 2002   The Bukhara CSSC Manager visited the Urgench CSSC to discuss organizational 
matters for a partnership project on the creation of an informational tourism network.  

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