The Country Director chaired an international NGO   Tajik Government Roundtable luncheon 
where various issues relating to cooperation between NGOs and the MFA were discussed. Both 
sides covered a wide variety of topics on humanitarian aid issues. Participants in the meeting 
included Mr. Djurazoda, Principal Specialist of Foreign Affairs Department of the President's 
Office; Mr. Davlatkadamov, Organizations and Political Parties Registration Department, 
Ministry of Justice; Ms. Bobojanova, Deputy Head of International Organizations Department 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ms. Fatima, Head of Legal Support and Foreign Affairs Department, 
Ministry of Interior; Mr. Rakhmonov, Head of Foreign Affairs Department, Ministry of Health; 
Mr. Rakhmatov, Deputy Head of Customs Dept., Ministry of Taxes and Collections, and Ms. 
Rustamova, Head of Transportation Dept., Ministry of Transportation; Mr. Andrea Recchia, 
Humanitarian Affairs Officer, UNOCHA, Ms. Able, Country Director for CARE Int.; Kurt 
Gibson, Country Director for Mercy Corps; Mr. Siedler and Mr. Yao, Coordinators for German 
Agro Action; Mr. Jamaluddin, Country Director of Save the Children US and Farhod Bokiev, 
Deputy Director of Counterpart. 
The Country Director met with Karin Augustat, Consultant for the German Adult Education 
Association. She was very interested in using Counterpart's network of Civil Society Support 
Centers to provide training and information that we currently are not doing. 
The Country Director was engaged in strategic fundraising activities with both USAID and the 
World Bank. He spoke with Susan Fritz of USAID about additional funding for the program and 
also met with Peter Gordon and Dr. Hermine De Soto of the World Bank to discussed 
Counterpart s capacity to manage a $700,000 two year pilot project entitled: Empowering 
Women: Socioeconomic Development in Post Conflict Tajikistan. 
The Country Director attended a World Bank Tajikistan Strategy meeting hosted by Mustapha 
Rouis, Country Manager at the UNDP Building. The participants discussed the importance of 
including local NGOs into their strategic plan. 
The Country Director met with Munechar Rahmonov of Pragma and discussed their current 
programs in Tajikistan. They are interested in co hosting a business advocacy 
workshop/roundtable with the participation of Counterpart. They would provide the funding for 
the training. 
The Country Director met with Courtney Barnett, Regional Program Manager, Abt Associates to 
discuss the Zdraplus community health projects. He gave recommendations concerning 
Counterpart Tajikistan's potential role in the project in relationship to Soros participation in the 
The Country Director met with Diana Howansky, National Democratic Institute, to discuss their 
plans to work in Tajikistan. 
The Regional Director and the Country Director met with Milko Van Gool, Joaquim Rodrigues, 
and Brian Toll of the European Commission (External Relations Directorate General) and TACIS 
to discuss opportunities to cooperate in conjunction with our CSSCs. 
Program staff met with Soros' Fund representatives   Erika Daley, Program Officer, OSI, New 
York, and David Stabbs, NIS Coordinator of GIPI (Global Internet Policy).  
Program staff met with Sh Mukhametkulieva, Project Officer of the British Embassy to discuss 
possible coordination such as organizing a media training for NGOs, providing a support letter for 
Sarygamysh NGO (former CCT grantee) and coordinating a Network training project.  

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