A meeting with Gloria Steel, an Administrative Assistant for USAID/WDC. 
Participation in the conference organized by Kazakhstan Medical Pedagogical Association and 
funded by IPPF. 
A meeting with representatives from Volunteers' House   resulted in an agreement to provide 
trainings on volunteerism on a cost sharing base.  
A meeting with Steve Klingelhoffer, ICNL President, to discuss Counterpart ICNL interaction.  
A meeting with Taisto Vanhapelto, Regional Program Coordinator of the International Federation 
of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies to discuss workshops and trainings for the 
National Red Crescents societies.  
Organization of governance training for 25 members of the Central Asian Red Cross and Red 
Crescent Societies   the seminar covered the establishment and development of governing bodies 
in the above mentioned organizations, the determination of government and management 
concepts, and the analysis of external and internal relations. 
Participation in the Conference  League of Trainers  organized by ICMA to discuss training in 
Participation in the workshop with Counterpart's Washington DC office to develop training for 
the World Bank Caspian Environment Program. 
Meetings with Counterpart's Senior Vice President, Arlene Lear, business officials from 
Chevron/Texaco and Exxon/Mobil corporations, donor associates and partner international 
organizations to discuss perspectives of cooperation with business structures.  
An expertise exchange on participatory community and rural appraisals with Jason Emmert, an 
Intern from the University of British Columbia.  
Participation in an M&E one day workshop initiated by INTRAC (May 10
, Medeu Hotel). 
A meeting with Javed S. Ahmad, a representative of UNFPA, to discuss participation of target 
health and women's NGOs in a UNFPA project on protecting women's reproductive rights. 
A discussion of the possibilities for cooperation with E riders development project with Juliya 
Leonova, the Educational Programs Coordinator of the Soros Kazakhstan Foundation. 
Participation in a roundtable on emergency measures initiated by the Red Cross and Red Crescent 
Society in the Reception House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 
Participation in a PR workshop initiated by Dr. David Mould, a Professor of the School of 
Telecommunications at Ohio University. 
Facilitation of the Central Asian Conference  The Development of Civil Society in Central Asia: 
Regional and International Prospects  initiated by INTRAC and IDC. 
A meeting with Glenn T. Sarka, Gender Issues Legal Specialist in the American Bar Association 
for Central and East European Law Initiative   the CSSCs received data on the training 
 Domestic Violence  for further dissemination to regional NGOs. 
A meeting with Julian Hansen, UNV Program Officer    Strengthening and Promoting the 
Sustainability of Kazakhstan's Network of Volunteer Organizations. 
Director Helmut Schafft of Counterpart Germany visited on May 7 18 to present a website to 
promote networking between CBOs in Kyrgyzstan   an EU funded project #99/0439 to strengthen 
the ability of local communities to advocate on behalf of their citizenry.  
Project staff participated in the study tour in Germany held from May 25 July 9   using the lesson 
learned from the study tour, the project staff drafted a concept of Community Foundations to be 
applied in Kyrgyzstan.  
Project staff Discussed the UNHCR funded project 02/AB/KGZ/LS/470 aimed at providing 
support to refugee organizations to update procedures and plans for this year   the refugee NGOs 
collected information and submit lists to the CSSCs and the Bishkek office for the database; by 
June 30 the database contained records for 3,766 adult refugees (6,924 including children). To 

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