Community Outreach 
Meeting with Khokim of Besharikskiy rayon, other representatives of the state structures and 
public organizations of the rayon was conducted. Memorandum on cooperation with mentioned 
organizations was developed and signed. This meeting became a basis for expansion of the social 
partnership with state structures of the rayon. 
Organization's trainers conducted 2 seminars for residents of the village  Pakhta Buston  which 
is the border with Kirgiztan rayon. The purpose of conduction of the seminar was to enhance 
creation of initiative groups and opening of NGOs. 
Prospects showing problems of protection of women rights have been prepared, informational 
newsletter  Mezon  was issued. 
In Besharykskiy rayon seminar on Advocacy is one of the methods of lobbing the law and 
Roundtable on Law on Charity were conducted. The purpose of these two events was informing 
and discussion of the law project, collection of opinions of the leaders of public organizations, 
members of civil society, representatives of the legislature and executive power, small and 
medium business, mass media. 
Roundtable on The role of legal culture in increasing the activeness of women in the changes of 
the Society was conducted in Besharykskiy and Bagdadskiy rayons. 
In May the soiree devoted the role of women in the Society conducted in the theatre named after 
Khamza. it was the first NGO soiree on which City Khokim had a speech. About 700 
representatives of state structures, entrepreneurs, makhalla residents and students participated in 
this event. 
The contract was made with the Center of Marketing Researches and private TV studio 
 Mulokot  on design of a series of social ads and talk show on Advocacy. 

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