A charity action in makhalla Navbakhor; 
A charity action in Municipal Hospital No.1; 
A number of actions were conducted in other makhallas and children houses 
4. Fergana Oblast Center for the Social Legal Support of Women and Teenagers Ishonch 
Internal Capacity Building 
The analysis of the work of volunteers conducted in organization showed the increase in working 
capacity on 15%. This fact means that the policy of the organization on attraction of volunteers 
started in November 2001 has succeeded. 
Participation in the organization staff in the PCAP training resulted in 7 PCAPs in Fergana 
Beginning from the 1
 of April 2002 Resource Center for NGOs created in Fergana Oblast started 
its work. Office furniture and equipment were established in the Center. 
Inside documentation was developed 
The Center Ishonch developed and submitted to Abt. Zdrav Plus a proposal on continuation of the 
educational sessions on reproductive health and rights in rural areas. 
In May the next general meeting was conducted. The reports were presented, new make up of the 
governing body and revision committee of the organization was elected; plans and staff 
responsibilities were approved; 
Community Outreach 
In the frames of the project 21 century is without drug addiction and AIDS the organization's 
workers in cooperation with Center AIDS conducted trainings with law enforcement organs on 
Diffusion of AIDS and drug addiction in Fergana Oblast. 26 law enforcement organs 
representatives participated in the training. 
5 new students became members of the Juridical Library of the organization. 
Social partnership with the deputy Khokims, heads of the Women Committees in Makhallas of 
rural areas is going on. Their help in organization of the seminars. Meetings, researches and 
others make the work of the organization to be more qualitative and effective. 
The Helpline of the organization is going on to function. About 30 people per month are applying 
for consultations. 
In cooperation with the lawers' firm  Khimoya kalkoni  500 newsletters on Basics of 
enterpreneurship activity have been isuued. Three meetings with entrepreneurs in rayons were 
conducted. About 75 90 people participated on each of these meetings. 
5. Kokand Branch of Businesswomen Association (BWA) 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Calendar plan for the first half of the year 2002 was prepared in April. As a remarkable fact 
in the work on the plan, a number of planned events to be conducted have been adjusted with City 
Khokimiyat and other interested state structures, public organizations. And such evens are 
included into the social development of the Kokand city. 
Five team members began studying English language. 
In May Winrock Internatinal Volunteer, Carolina Smith, conducted a seminar for the 
organization's members on The program of Coalition building. 

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