2. Association of Pediatricians of the Bukhara region Avitsena 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Kagan branch of the organization was opened on the International Day of Health. 
The notification on re registration was received. 
Three members passed two week training course on primary healthcare held in the United 
Medical information resource center was registered in the Justice Department. 
The premises for the head office of the Association were purchased. 
Community Outreach 
The week of Kindness was conducted. Charitable action which is distribution of closes took place. 
A series of seminars on Say  No  to Breast Cancer supported by Soros Foundation was 
conducted for middle rank medical workers and residents of maallas. 
The third newsletter of Informational bulletin of Association of Pediatricians was issued.  
The state of pediatric health services of the Oblast was surveyed and assessed at the request of the 
Oblast Department of Health 
One day seminar on defining problems in pediatric health services was held on 16 May in Oblast 
Children's Hospital. 29 doctors were present, mainly chief pediatric specialists. 
Participation in What a Wonderful World contest of children's artistic talents, which took place in 
Germany. 150 drawings of children selected in age groups of 6 to 16 were sent to the contest 
3. Interregional Rehabilitation Center Umid (IRC) 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Chirakchinskiy branch of the organization was opened in April. 
The roundtable with the participation of the organization's stakeholders was conducted to discuss 
the organization's strategic plan and to strengthen social partnership on implementation of the 
In April one day training on NGO and Community for the organization and its branches staff (30 
people) was conducted by Samarkand CSSC. The organization's trainers participated in this 
training as observers. 
Community Outreach 
The leader of the organization participated in the Conference Violence Prevention conducted in 
Vienna. The topic of the report was Social Partnership is one of ways on violence prevention. 
The center "Umid", having a reliable partner and acquainted with the social position of the 
population in Kashkadariya, Samarkand, Surkhandariya, renders them an assistance not only at 
the social economic level, but also we begin to perform healthy work among the population 
together with the group of doctors and other specialists who came to Uzbekistan from the USA. 
At the social cabinet "Iroda" (Besh Bola was renamed) a hiding place was enlarged to 10 places. 
The main aim of this is that women being in this hiding place for a long time can earn 
subsequently working on a land area that is given by the sovkhoz. 
In May in Denay rayon where legal cabinet "Yulduz" is located a 1 day seminar was conducted 
on "NGO as a third sector" for the population. 25 people took part in this seminar. The trainers of 
this seminar were the workers of the Center "Umid". 
The Center "Umid" held a number of charity actions: 
A charity concert was for Navruz in the mahalla "Nekuz" 
In Urgut rayon at the branch Suyanch" a charity action was held on "Begoyim"; 
A charity evening party was held for the children gamins in Samarkand; 
A charity action was held for disabled children in the hotel "Afrosiab"; 
A charity action for the children from Special Boarding School No.2.; 
A charity action in the house for old people; 
A charity action in Karshi, Chirakchi rayon and Yakkabak rayon 
A charity action devoted to the Day of Children protection in Karshi; 

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