Internal Capacity Building 
The  Commonwealth of Eco NGOs established centers in Turkmenbashi and Turkmenabat to 
provide information services for local NGOs and began issuing an electronic newsletter.  
The  Junior Achievement Economic Education and Young Entrepreneurs Center developed its 
network to extend  Junior Achievement  programs in velayts and establish training centers in 
Dashoguz and Lebap. 
My Right increased its number of volunteers to 30 and developed their capacity through special 
Shamchyrag Turkmen Association of Journalists on Social Partnership initiated and conducted the OD 
Tribune for target NGOs to discuss on issue journalism and public organizations. 
Umyt published articles in the state newspaper  Neutral Turkmenistan  and local newspaper about 
their activities. 
Arzuv published two articles in the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" and one in  Serdar Yolly  
about its activities for school children. 
The chief of Amul participated in the regional training on "Social partnership" in Almaty in June. 
Five target NGO representatives participated in the PCA training conducted by Counterpart. 
Representatives of target NGOs in Dashoguz velayat met with Arlene Lear, Counterpart SVP, to 
discuss issues of NGO development. 
45 representatives from target NGO's took part in Counterpart's basic organizational management 
Each of the target NGOs has access to e mail and Internet through its own equipment or in 
Support Centers. 
1. Center for the Support of Disabled Children and their Families Umidvorlik 
Internal Capacity Building 
Proposal on creation of the mini cafeteria has been prepared and sent for consideration to the 
Japanese Embassy. 
The group of fundraisers is working continuously. Disabled person was consulted and trained to 
make a fundraising by the phone. 
The following fundraising results occurred: payment for electricity and telephone fees. 
Social advertisement on TV/radio: 
Marketing research for video producers was conducted to find an optimal order implementer; 
An agreement for social ad production was made; 
Contacts have been established with both private and government TV channels of Uzbekistan; 
Contacts have been established with potential social ad producers; 
The content compliance between TV and radio versions of ad are traced; and  
   Contacts have been established with both private and government radio channels of 
Community Outreach 
Rights protection and advocacy activity for families having disabled children is going on. The 
support was given to the family of Le in getting a residence permit and the letter for provision of a 
flat was prepared. 
The preparative work for Roundtable conduction was made: 
Questionnaires for parents and teachers were made; 
   Contacts with state structures representatives and other potential participants of the project 
have been established; 
   Survey among parent and teachers of finding out the priority problems in education of 
disabled children has been conducting; 
   Negotiations with international organizations, leading different programs, of finding out 
potential partners in creation of Coalition. 

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