11. NGO Hamroz  
Hamroz is implementing a project entitled: Violence Against Women, funded by CARE International. 
It has conducted a Problem ID sessions/meetings with eight communities in the district of Bokhtar 
focusing on issues relating to violence against women. The Kurghon Teppa  CSSC has assisted to 
conduct  Problem ID workshops with two communities in the Bokhtar District. They assisted the 
communities in identifying their priority problems and developing CAPs. Hamroz has submitted a 
project proposal to Counterpart for a NGO Support grant to work with two other communities in the 
Bokhtar District. 
12. NGO The Women Center Chashma 
This quarter Chashma received a grant from Mercy Corps through its Ishtirok Grant Program. The 
project is entitled Society Without Violence aimed at working with the secondary school students in 
Shahrtus, Beshkent and Kabodiyon Districts of the Khatlon Province. Under this grant Chashma has 
conducted a number of training workshops on Leadership, Team Building, Conflict Resolution and 
Communication Skills with the students of the secondary schools. Due to Chashma's successful social 
partnership activities with the local government, officials from the Shahrtus District have provided 
Chashma with an office for their project aimed at training 20 unemployed people in computer skills. 
This project is funded by the Employment Center, which is a governmental entity. Chashma has 
participated in UNOP's program on reducing the poverty level in the Panj and Kumsangir districts. 
They assisted two local NGOs to work with the two needy communities by providing them with 
13. NGO The Women 
enter Umed 
Umed has continued its micro finance project for businesswomen of the Kulob region. Five hundred 
beneficiaries received funding during the quarter. The project is funded by UNOPS and USAID. 
Umed  continued building the second block of the secondary school #41 in Kulob. The project if 
funded by the Japanese Embassy. Umed is helping to create a Journalists Club in Kulob. The project 
is supported by a gender and development grant.  
14. NGO Anis 
The NGO Anis completed a project on reproductive health and family planning in three districts in the 
Kulob region. Anis also assisted their target communities, Balkhobi  and  Nishorak, in implementing 
two community projects funded by Counterpart's Community Action Grant Program.  As a result of 
Anis's efforts the communities received additional support for their projects from World Food 
Program. The leader of the organization participated in the Social Partnership Conference in 
15. NGO Sudmand 
Sudmand continued working on establishing a leadership youth club in Kulob. The members of the 
organization have revised their strategic plan and developed a one year action plan. Also the 
organization has taken fist steps towards creating a governing body.  
Activity Overview 
1.  Commonwealth of ECO NGOs. Highlights from this past quarter include: conducting the  ECO 
Marathon 2002 , with participation of the Ministry of Environment and other local organizations; 
hosting lectures on ecological themes in summer camps for children; and conducting an ECO 
Photo exhibit for 27 children. 
2.  Junior Achievement Economic Education and Young Entrepreneurs Center. Highlights from this 
past quarter include: conducting a training of trainers for 15 trainers; introducing a pilot course on 
 Junior Achievement  in Ashgabad, Lebap , Dashoguz; conducting a forum on the applied 
economics for 80 participants from local business, Junior Achievement of Kazakhstan, 
representatives of Union of the economists of Turkmenistan, Ministry of education and local 

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