5. NGO Medservice 
Medservice has successfully accomplished their project on providing needy women with work in the 
communities of Telman and Sharq. The project was funded by WFP. As a result of this project a 
market bag production workshop was created; 64 women and 200 members of their families had 
additional sources of income; and 17 women learned how to sew. 
6. NGO Harmony of World 
Harmony of World started the implementation of its project on mobilizing local communities in 
Dushanbe. The project was funded by a grant from Mercy Corps. Within this grant Harmony and 
World conducted a roundtable entitled:  The Potential of Communities to solve their Problems . They 
also convened a training workshop on human and children rights with the members of their target 
community.  Harmony and World organized a charity project dedicated to the International Child 
Protection Day for the students of the secondary school #58 of Dushanbe. The schoolchildren took 
part in various contests and quizzes devoted to environment issues. Harmony and World together with 
the Ministry of Ecology organized a regional seminar on the development of environmental education 
in Central Asia. The seminar was funded by the Central Asia Regional Environmental Center. 
7. NGO Nilufar   
The NGO Nilufar has mobilized the Chagatay community members to improve the environment of 
their community. As a result they planted 300 trees, cleaned a three kilometer section of a river 
passing through the community and the road was cleared of landslides. Within the Conflict Resolution 
project funded by Mercy Corps, Nilufar has organized a peace initiative dedicated to a Reconciliation 
Day between the two communities of Chagatay  and  Budeny. Nilufar has conducted a number of 
training workshops on democracy with the workers of district level education departments and 
members of mahalla committees in the communities of Jamoats: Luchob, Chorbogh and Aini. 
8. NGO Munis 
Munis has distributed 6,000 trees to schools, kindergartens and communities in the district of Hisor as 
a part of a initiative called Green Town. Munis provided seven needy families with cows as part of a 
project activity to help reduce the level of poverty in the district of Hisor. Munis has developed a 
project proposal entitled:  Civil Initiative in Karamkul Community  and has submitted it to 
Counterpart for funding as a part of their NGO Support Grant Program. The purpose of the proposal 
is to assist the Karamcul community to identify and solve their problems and to reduce the level of 
tension between community groups. 
9. NGO Madad  
During this quarter Counterpart Tajikistan approved a project proposal developed with the assistance 
of  Madad to help the community of Shoshdasht. Previously Madad  had implemented a community 
intervention activity with the community, which resulted in identifying a common problem, i.e., a lack 
of portable water. The community developed a Community Action Plan to address this problem. Also, 
with Madad's assistance the community managed to receive 6 tons of flour from WFP for the project 
and  $2,500 from Aga Khan Foundation MSDSP for purchasing additional water pipes. 
10. NGO Vahdat 
The NGO Vahdat is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that has extended its activity to cover 
several other neighboring communities. In cooperation with the NGO Intellect,  they conducted a 
seminar about the danger of drugs in nine communities in Khorog. Vahdat has also developed a 
project proposal on providing micro credits to needy families in three communities in Khorog and has 
submitted it for funding to Counterpart Tajikistan.   

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