Internal Capacity Building 
The Director V. Kireev participated in environmental monitoring training conducted by the 
environmental NGO Tree of Life and in Financial Management training conducted by Global 
Training for Development. 
The Financial Manager N. Yumakaeva participated in TOT in Advocacy conducted by NDI. 
Based on materials received at these workshops, Director and Financial Manager conducted 
internal workshops for staff on environmental monitoring and advocacy. The staff and volunteers 
improved their knowledge and skills in conducting environmental monitoring and holding 
advocacy campaigns. 
1. NGO Saodat 
Eight members of the NGO Saodat  have attended training workshops conducted by the Khujand 
CSSC on Strategic Planning, Volunteer Management, and Financial Management. After attending the 
Volunteer Management workshop Saodat  established an initiative group to promote volunteerism 
among secondary school students in the Sughd Province. The group has developed a two month 
workplan, which included special training workshops for children in summer camps. NGO Saodat has 
developed a proposal on working with three communities of in the district of Ghonchi to assist them 
in addressing social problems. The proposal was submitted for review to Counterpart as a NGO 
Support Grant.   
2. Development Fund 
Five members of the Development Fund have participated in a series of Counterpart's training 
workshops in April June. According to them the workshops were very useful and they learned how to 
develop strategic plans, manage volunteers and practice their facilitation skills. These trainings have 
helped them to increase their organizational capacity and be more efficient managers of projects. The 
Development Fund has completed three community mobilization projects in the district of Rasulov. 
All three projects were  funded by Counterpart Tajikistan. In each of the targeted communities they 
conducted a PCA activity, arranged roundtables on social partnership on district level as well as 
conducted trainings on farming, micro financing and small business development. With Development 
Fund's assistance the communities developed three Community Action Plans and two Community 
Action Grant projects.  
3. NGO Yosuman 
The NGO Yosuman  continued providing services to NGOs located in the district of Mastcho as a 
representative of the Khujand CSSC in this district. As a result of the work of Yosuman's the number 
of NGOs in Mastcho has increased to six. The members of Yosuman  provided the members of the 
new NGOs with information about NGO registration, organizational charter development and so on. 
Yosuman has convened a meeting of Mastcho NGOs regarding the Social Partnership and cooperation 
among NGOs. Yosuman has developed a proposal to create an NGO Resource Center in Mastcho and 
has submited it to a number of international donor organizations for funding. Yosuman has completed 
its its NGO Support Grant Program. Within the grant Yosuman has targeted three communities that 
have conducted PCA activities. Under this project a number of roundtables were conducted to identify 
problems, especially problems relating to gender issue. They conducted three seminars on the topic 
The  Role of Initiative Groups in Problem Solving,  Community Participation in Decision Making 
Process, and Community Mobilization.  
4. NGO Yovar  
After attending a number of Counterpart's training workshops the members of the local NGO Yovar's 
members revised their strategic plan, including their fundraising plan and actions to strengthen the 
institutional capacity of the organization. After attending the Counterpart's workshops on PCA/PRA 
Yovar's members conducted a survey among their target communities in the district of Istaravshan to 
identify their common problems. When doing that they used their newly learned methodology. The 
NGO Yovar has applied to Counterpart for funding for a NGO Support Grant.  

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