Internal Capacity Building 
During the quarter, the NGO staff took part in the following training workshops: Financial 
Accountability (by Union of Bookkeepers and Auditors), Law and Tax (by Union of Bookkeepers 
and Auditors), Arbitration (by Kalys Consult), NGO Governance (by Counterpart), and Team 
Building and Conflict Management (by Counterpart). 
The NGO made presentation of its activities to DFID funded project aimed at assisting rural 
communities dealing with stockbreeding. The DFID project is likely to provide some funding to 
the information centers of TOFU, and currently the funding proposal is being prepared. 
On June 3, TOFU hosted the meeting of the Board of Directors, where its members discussed 
achievements of the NGO and finalized plan of activities for the second half of 2002. The total 
number of the TOFU members increased up to 1,084. 
The NGO has been working on being transformed to the Farmers Association: amendments to the 
Statute of were finalized, and re registration papers were sent to the Ministry of Justice. 
The NGO has been successful in raising funds: it was awarded the Soros grant of $2,000 to 
conduct seminars on Land Law and Commercial Law in 24 villages. 
3. Bayastan, Naryn 
Activity Overview 
The support center for children with disabilities continues to provide services to promote 
children's rights, including issuing newsletter, publishing booklets, conducting special classes on 
children's rights for school teachers and senior grade pupils. This quarter, 300 school children 
participated in the classes on child rights, provided by the NGO staff and the volunteers from the 
Young Lawyers Association. 
On April 29, the NGO held a press conference on its activities for 2001, mostly covering 
implementation of two projects: Child Rights and Inclusive Education.  
On May 24, the NGO conducted a survey among pupils of 5 6 grades to identify level of their 
awareness on the Child Right Convention after delivering special lessons in their schools. The 
survey results demonstrated necessity of conducting such a lessons as the children indicated great 
interest in that.  
Internal Capacity Building 
The Assistant N. Isaev participated in the third round of the TOT in Advocacy conducted by NDI. 
The NGO has been proactive in collaborating with the Save the Children (UK), which conducted 
3 seminars for the NGO members and parents in main approached of treating disabled children. 
The NGO improved media coverage of its activities on the oblast level: a number of programs on 
children's rights were broadcast on Almaz and Tenir Too radio stations. 
4. Chintamani, Tash Komur Town, Jalalabad Oblast 
Activity Overview 
Chintamani conducted a roundtable with participation of 12 NGOs to discuss the Government 
Decree #20. The participants developed and sent a letter of concern to the President requesting to 
veto the Resolution. 
To ensure protection of environment, the NGO conducted spot check investigations together with 
experts of Biosphere Institute in walnut forests. The findings were filmed and broadcasted by the 
Oblast TV.  
The issue #5 of the bulletin Voice of the Nature was published. Chintamani  and the public 
organizations of the Town of Mailuu Suu filmed the situation of uranium tailing pits and its 
environmental implications. Their findings were filmed and sent to the Oblast TV 
The NGO conducted one day walking tour for the school children to introduce them to the natural 
monument  Urchuk Tash. The children were narrated about people working in natural reserves, 
and activities aimed at protecting nature from the human activities. 

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