1. Bishkek Center For Social Initiatives (BCSI), Bishkek 
Activity Overview 
During February March, the NGO staff conducted consultations for 359 people residing in the 
districts Kok Jar, Ala Too, Kasym, Ak Bosogo, Kelechek, Ak Tilek and Bakay Ata. The NGO 
staff assisted 17 people in preparing caseloads to apply for state allowances. 
The NGO identified that the main problems facing internal migrants are low income and 
unemployment, and lack of information. A lot of houses have not being registered since the 
population cannot afford the registration fees. The NGO started learning the situation, and sent 
written inquiries to the State Registry, State Architect Departments and Construction Inspection. 
A roundtable on registering houses was scheduled for the third quarter. 
The NGO volunteers started providing E mail/Internet services to the target groups at no cost, and 
the average number of visitors is 80 100 a months (4 5 people a day). 
Internal Capacity Building 
During the quarter, the BCSI staff took part in the following training workshops: Advocacy (by 
Interbilim),  Facilitation Skills (by Interbilim), and NGO Tax Legislation (by Soros Foundation 
A new office was purchased and currently the organization does not need to pay rent and has 
better office space. 
BCSI has been successful in raising funds: a local donor provided money for furniture for the new 
office worth of $350, and renovating the new office. The World Bank approved the proposal of 
BCSI on delivering training seminars for internal migrants in business basics. 
As a result of the Regional Conference on Governance and in the framework of the Action Plan 
for Capacity Building and Service Delivery, BCSI is currently working on transferring the Public 
Council into a Board of Directors. Preliminary agreements received from all 5 potential Board 
Members, and BCSI is designing internal regulations of the Board. 
The NGO has been working on transforming the Consultative Board into a Board of Directors: 5 
potential candidates were chosen, amendments to the Statute of were finalized, and re registration 
papers were sent to the Ministry of Justice. 
On April 11, the NGO hosted a roundtable with participation of its partners, donors and mass 
media, where they discussed the organizational plan for the period of 2002 2003. Based on 
recommendations given by partners (Young Lawyers Association, Institute of Strategic Research, 
Center of Public Technologies, Mayor's Office, etc.), the strategic plan was revised. 
2. Talas Oblast Farmers  Union (TOFU), Talas 
Activity Overview 
TOFU received 132 farmers this quarter, who were consulted in business planning, agriculture 
techniques, legal issues, crediting, etc. 
The NGO made an agreement with the Oblast Employment Center about hiring officially 
registered unemployed people for repairing the premises of the field information centers. This 
quarter, the room of the information center in the NGO office was renovated. 
Two issues of the information bulletin for farmers were published, and the information in the field 
centers was updated on a monthly basis. The information consists of six categories: Stock 
Breeding, Agriculture, Legal Advice and Credit Sources.  
TOFU took an active part in conducting nationwide advocacy campaign aimed at revoking the 
Government Decree #20. The staffers served as legal advisors and facilitators on roundtables on 
revocation the decree. 
TOFU became an implementing partner to the company Eurasia Gmbh, which is TACIS 
contractor assigned to provide assistance to establishing and developing cooperatives in rural 

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