The NGO's Internet site was improved through its new design and placement of  Hot Line  
3. Diabetic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan (DARK) 
Activity Overview 
In May 4   7, N. N. Tukalevskaya, a President of the Association, and I. N. Pivnenko, an 
Interpreter, participated in the 5
 Congress of Diabetic International Federation of Pacific region 
that was held in Beijing, China. Due the participation in the event, the NGO's associates were 
able to get an expertise of their foreign colleagues in diabetic issues and inform them of 
organization's impacts in Kazakhstan.  
On the 6
 of May, T. I. Molodykh, an Executive Director of DARK, visited Israel Center 
 MASHAV , and as a result, both parties sign an agreement to conduct courses on improvement 
in qualifications of medical nurses. It is planned to form two groups of medical nurses (total 60 
people) to be trained according to specially designed program. 
A. Olkhovskaya, a Vice President, was invited by Danish pharmaceutical company 
 Novo Nordisk  to participate in the National Scientific/Practical Conference  Current 
Problems in Diabetics  (Astana, May 7), dedicated to the Health Year.  
The 9
 Kazakhstan International Exhibition  Public Health   2002  was held in Kazakh Center of 
Business Cooperation  Atakent  in May 14   17. DARK design its stand to inform the public 
about diabetes. During the exhibition, testing of 150 persons to detect their sugary level resulted 
in the fact that six attendants were recommended to consult with specialist in endocrinology. Due 
to DARK's official support of the exhibition,  Atakent  awarded the Association with an 
acknowledgment certificate.  
President of DARK was invited by French pharmaceutical company  Survey  to participate in the 
Republic's Scientific/Practical Conference  Diabetes and Heart  (Almaty, May 23) that covered 
clinic issues in treatment of heart vascular diseases.  
On June 3   5, Tukhalevskaya and Molodykh participated in the 2
 Republic's Scientific 
Conference  Experience, Problems and Prospects in Public Health Reforms in Kazakhstan , 
conducted in Almaty by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Scientific Center on 
Medical and Economical Problems in Public Health, and Public Health Academy.  
President of DARK participated in the Regional Conference  Civil Society Development in 
Central Asia: international and local prospects  (Almaty, June 13   14), organized by INTRAC 
and Institute of Strategic Cooperation.  
In June 21   22, President of DARK and B. M. Zhumanova, a Medical Physician of DARK, 
visited Kokand and conducted seminar  Organization of Training Programs to Prevent and Treat 
Diabetes . To the point, 41 persons were trained in diabetic program under Consultative and 
Informational Office of DARK, 215 diabetic patients were consulted in endocrinology. 76 people 
visited DARK to get proper information on diabetes.  
In the framework of  Insulin for Children  project, supported by International Rotary Almaty 
Club, 100 packages of test stripes to detect sugary level was purchased for diabetes diseased 
Internal Capacity Building 
On the 22
 of May, the meeting of Counterpart Kazakhstan's staff members   Jamila Asanova 
and Nurlan Sakhanov and DARK members was held to discuss DARK's activity and 
Counterpart's role in the organizational capacity building. In addition, Counterpart associates 
conducted a questionnaire survey to evaluate the NGO's organizational development. 
Tukalevskaya and Olkhovskaya had a meeting with L. N. Parfenova, a Head of Diabetic Society 
of East Kazakhstan oblast and discussed the Society's challenges and ways in problem solving. 
The same issues were covered during a meeting with T. V. Mustafina, a Head of Diabetic Society 
of Balkhash (Qaraghandy oblast). 
A meeting with the Association members, including  Elli Lilly  (USA),  Novo Nordisk  
(Denmark),  Aventis  (France),  Mediland  (Kazakhstan),  Orbit Medic  (Kazakhstan), 

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