A systematic drill in basic organizational issues, management, office work, report and paper 
design is carried out for CNOK employees. The training program improves a quality in executive 
duties of the organization.  
2. National Consumers League of Kazakhstan 
Activity Overview 
 Hot Line  serves citizens and consumers' organizations on daily basis. During the reporting 
period, 1500 consumers were provided by consultations, making 40% higher rate due to 
broadcasting of  the ABC for Consumers  program on the Kazakh Radio Station. The league's 
activity raised a high interest of mass media that often refer to the data of the NGO Resource 
Center. In fact, 36 TV reports were in the air and 8 articles were published during the reporting 
Due to the acquisition of camera, TV set, scanner, additional computer and development of 
audio/video data, more people totaled 450 turned for assistance of the organization. 453 
representatives of 232 organizations made use of the office equipment.  
The League carried out an action to design and adjust normative legal documents. To realize a 
Law  On Certification , the lawyers of the League, according to request of Ministry of Economic 
and Trade, brought adjustments in Draft Project  On Approval of Certified Products List in 
accordance with Producer's Confirmation . The Decree would give a protection of consumers' 
rights from uncertified products and improves work quality in consumers' organizations.  
On the 29
 of March, the League participated in organization of the first competition on 
consumers' basic knowledge to select best school students. On the 16
 of May, the winners took 
part in the oblast contest  Aqyldy Tutynyshy  in the secondary school #114 of Almaty.  
The authors' team consists of five members completed its work on  Collection of Legal Practice  
on protection of consumers' rights. The collection included work designs, elaborated by the 
League and the regional societies for consumers' rights protection. A On the 22
 of June, the 
Collection was presented in the World Congress  Consumers International . A publication of the 
Collection is expected to raise effectiveness in activity in the regional societies.  
An issue of bulletin  News for Consumers  covered a brief survey of periodical radio programs 
and legal comments. Its 5246 samples were disseminated to 789 organizations via distribution list.   
The League developed its communication with international organizations to interchange an 
expertise with Tajikistan Association of Consumers' Rights Protection and Mongol Association 
of Consumers.  
The League's lawyers provided 1950 people with legal consultations. A number of addresses 
increased by 6 times in comparison with previous reporting period. This fact showed consumers' 
high confidence in public organizations and power of law.   
To address medical service, the League initiated a roundtable in June 6 that formed Coordination 
Council on protection of consumers' rights under medical service.  
Internal Capacity Building 
The League was granted to implement a project  Radio programs on Protection of Consumers' 
Rights  in the framework of the program for small grants of the World Bank for Development. 
The project is aimed at educating citizens, improving professional level of activists in consumers' 
movement and mobilizing society in social problem solving.  
To improve the organizational work and professional level, the League's employees conducts 
internal trainings, debates and discussions on legislation issues. The NGO compiled job 
description for a position of Head of Legal Department. 
A meeting of Coordination Council of International Confederation of Consumers' Societies was 
held on May 22   26 with active participation of President of the National Consumers' League of 
June 22   27, Svetlana Shamsutdinova, a President of the League, took part in Conference of 
Department Transformational Economics under Consumers International that was held in Rome, 
Italy. The Conference covered the issues on protection of consumers' rights for healthy and safe 
food. Svetlana Shamsutdinova made a speech on the nutrition status in Kazakhstan.  

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