1. Confederation of Non Governmental Organizations of Kazakhstan (CNOK) 
Activity Overview 
As a member of the National Committee on family and women issues under the President of the 
Republic of Kazakhstan, Valentina Sivryukova, a President of the Confederation, became a 
member of the judges to select the best businesswoman among seven nominees. As a result of the 
contest, the best acknowledged business leader was Ekaterina Balgabaeva, an Executive Director 
of the Union of Women of Ural region Umit.  
April 7 14, Valentina Sevryukova visited Great Britain to participate in a partners' session on the 
realization of women's social and economic rights project.   
CNOK began conceptual development of its Program of State Support of NGOs for the Ministry 
of Culture, Information and Public Accord. Representatives of the state Ministries, NGOs and 
donor agencies formed an action group and conducted the first staff meeting on April 12.  
Kazakhstan's delegation of the state officials visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg to share their 
expertise in social partnership. The delegation included five state officials and two NGO 
associates (The President and Vice President of the Confederation). The visit included meetings 
with Moscow Government, Saint Petersburg Administration, the deputies of the State Duma and 
Legislative Council of Saint Petersburg and key persons from Russia's NGOs. The visit was 
expected to be an essential factor in the realization of the Program of State Support of NGOs, 
adopted by the Kazakhstan's Government on January 23, 2002.  
In April and May, the NGO participated in an active group of the Kazakhstan's Parliament by 
designing a public audition on education system development in Kazakhstan. The Confederation 
ensured a participation of a number of NGOs in the Public Hearing on May 24.  
CNOK became a member of the Parliament's action group on the draft law  On State Social 
Procurement.  Counterpart Kazakhstan summarized data and proposed conceptual adjustments to 
the project.  
The Confederation extends its relations with other regional NGOs of Kazakhstan through 
discussions on conducting social partnership seminars in the oblast centers. The project received 
support from the Eurasia Foundation. The concerted action resulted in the creation of Cooperation 
Councils under regional Akimats of South Kazakhstan, Kzyl Orda, Kostanai, West Kazakhstan 
and Pavlodar oblasts.  
For the Asian Development Bank's project on salt and meal enrichment with micronutrients, 
CNOK created a NGO system to provide communications assistance to the project, performed by 
Ministry of Health of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
On May 28, the NGO organized a presentation, performed by the Center for Disabled Children 
Kenes in Ministry of Labor and People's Social Protection. The event revealed the center's high 
professionalism in work with disabled children. 
Internal Capacity Building  
In international relations, the Confederation cooperates with the State of Arizona in information 
exchange and data on social partnership. This collaboration was launched in December 2000. 
The NGO established contacts with the oil company  Adjip , a general operator in Caspian shelf. 
The CNOK's President was invited to the head office in Hague, Holland, to discuss the ways of 
cooperation with local population in Caspian region. As a result, on the 11
 of June, the public 
audition was held in Atyrau to consider taking a land for building of Ajip's gas processing plant.  
In May   June, CNOK employees participated in six training seminars and four conferences, 
including  Students Against Drugs .  Civil Society Development , The NGO Role in 
Democratization Process in the Society in the light of Development Strategy of Kazakhstan   
2030 , and  Monitoring of Life Standards in Kazakhstan . 

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