A. Shmay   Legal regulation of NGO, Tashkent; Human Resource Management, Samarkand 
S. Kabilova, M. Ikramova, and M. Asanova   Human Resource Management, Samarkand 
Community Outreach 
On May 3, the Local Grant Committee considered 3 projects and approved 2 of them. 
The CSSC assisted during PCAs at the following organizations: 
Rural Legal Cabinet Iroda in Mahalla Besh Bola of Djambayskiy rayon of Samarkand Oblast 
NGO Creative work support center Potentsial in Children house No.2 of Samarkand city 
IG Umar in Village Ravat, Mahalla Umar of Djizakhskiy rayon of Djizakh Oblast 
IG Uyas in Village Mugol, Mahalla Uyas of Bakhmalskiy rayon of Djizakh Oblast 
NGO Yulduz in Mahalla named after Akhunbabaev of Denauskiy rayon of Surkhandarya 
The following CAPs were developed: 
April 9, Mahalla Besh Bola of Djambayskiy rayon of Samarkand Oblast initiated by the Rural 
Legal Cabinet Iroda. 
   June 3, Mahalla named after Akhunbabaev of Denauskiy rayon of Surkhandarya Oblast 
initiated by the NGO Yulduz. 
A coalition of the NGO IRC Umid, the Initiative Group Suyanch, and the local khokimiyat and 
mahalla committee was created to solve a problem building a new school building in Davlatobod 
village of Taylyak district of Samarkand Oblast.  
At a Roundtable on Social Partnership (organized by ICNL and Oliy Majlis), a coalition of 5 
NGOs was formed to generate a common vision of all the NGOs of Samarkand Oblast.  
A coalition between the Istochnik Crisis Center, a number of government organizations, NGOs 
and businesses conducted an advocacy campaign on solving the problem of homeless children. 
On June 13, the CSSC Manager and Coordinator met with representatives of the US National 
Democratic Institution and 4 advocacy NGOs to discuss potential partnerships. 
Six volunteers were recruited to NGOs. 
On May 4, a charitable action named  Let's help gutter children  was conducted. Crisis Center 
Istochnik organized the action. The CSSC as well as Counterpart Consortium Focus NGO Umid, 
Ombudsmen Institution of Samarkand Oblast were partners. Representatives of NGOs, state and 
business structures and mass media participated in this event. The purpose of the action was to 
attract attention to the problem of gutter children and find ways to solve the problem. 
7. Association of Librarians of Namangan Oblast, (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
On May 23, an NGO Club meeting was conducted. 14 Namangan and Andijan Oblast NGO 
representatives participated in the meeting. The following topics have been discussed: NGO and 
IG problems today, ways of solving these problems, defining structure of the NGO Club.  
Internal Capacity Building 
In April, the CSSC obtained a computer for the second Coordinator and new telephone line. 
On May 6 7, the Hub Center Financial Manager, Khamid Kashaev, and the Grant Manager, 
Oybek Boltaev, conducted a mock audit with the CSSC. 
On May 6 9, the Hub Center OD Coordinator, Akmal Roustamov, and the Health Coordinator, 
Shukhrat Aripov, conducted an organizational development assessment of the CSSC. 
On May 11, the Hub Center CO Coordinator, Bobur Turdiev, conducted an orientation meeting 
with the CSSC Coordinator, Davronbek Khasanov. One of the results was a personal development 
plan for the Coordinator. 
The CSSC staff participated in the following personal development projects and workshops: 
   S. Kurbanov   Facilitation skills development, Tashkent; Legal regulation of NGO, Tashkent; 
Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent; Public Education through Media; 
   D. Khasanov   Facilitation skills development, Tashkent; NGO Administration, Namangan; 
PCAP, Namangan; Advanced fundraising, Tashkent; Public Education through Media, 

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