S. Sergey   Facilitation Skills Development, Tashkent; Fundraising, Kokand; Working with 
Volunteers, Kokand; Development of the NGO Network, Nukus; Advocacy, Nukus;  
N. Bayborodina   Legal regulation of NGOs, Tashkent; Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent; 
   S. Imbarova   Strengthening Practical Skills to Work with NGOs, Samarkand; Advanced 
Fundraising, Tashkent; 
   A. Abdirova   Effective Leadership (as observer), Nukus; Legal regulation of NGOs, 
E. Atagullaev   Legal regulation of NGOs. Tashkent; 
B. Ibrashev   Work with Volunteers, Kokand; 
Community Outreach 
A Local Grant Committee meeting was held on May 4. Six proposals were considered and 
Kommunal developed CAPs for 21 micro rayon Makan Kenes No. 11. 
On June 16, the CSSC staff met with representatives of the US National Democratic Institution to 
discuss cooperation with local NGOs. Questions concerning advocacy and NGO influence on 
public opinion were also discussed. 
CSSC Volunteers translated materials for the NGO Farmers' Center. 
4. Bukhara Information and Cultural Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
On April 24 25, the CSSC Manager visited the Kokand CSSC to establish links between Bukhara 
and Kokand NGOs. 
CSSC staff participated in the roundtable devoted to the Reformation of the Uzbekistan 
Parliament. Among the participants were representatives of the European and German 
On April 27, a meeting of representative of the German Association of Adult Education (Wolfgan 
Schur) with NGO representatives was organized to discuss opportunities to provide such trainings 
to state and business structures and develop action plans on this question. 
The Prospect of creating a youth club in Navoyi Oblast and a medical informational resource 
center was examined. 
The newsletter on Social Partnership was prepared. 
On June 21, the CSSC Manager visited Surkhandarya Oblast NGO Ayol va Zamon to determine 
the readiness of NGOs in Surkhandarya Oblast to participate in partnership projects. 
Internal Capacity Building 
In April, The CSSCs is applying the new materials on human resource management it received. 
Several job descriptions and the organizational structure has been revised. 
June 6 7, the Hub Center Financial Manager, Khamid Kashaev, and the Grant Manager, Oybek 
Boltaev, conducted a mock audit of the CSSCs. 
In May, together with the Hub Center grant manager, Oybek Boltaev, the CSSC prepared its 
budget for 2002 2003. 
During this quarter, the preparation of the Development of Public Foundations project was 
submitted to the Eurasia Foundation. 
The CSSC staff participated in the following personal development projects and workshops: 
   O. Khayatov   Facilitation skills development, Tashkent; Strengthening practical skills to 
work with NGOs, Samarkand; Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent 
R. Nurullaev   Facilitation skills development, Tashkent; Legal regulation of NGO, Tashkent; 
Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent 
   Z. Salieva   Tashkent; Establishment of the Civil Society in Central Asia   International and 
local perspectives (Conference), Almaty; 
The CSSC trainers in the following personal development projects and workshops: 
Z. Salieva, D. Amirkulova, and K. Babakulova   Legal regulation of NGO, Tashkent 

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