Community Outreach 
At the Local Grant Committee meeting on April 27, 15 projects were considered (11 for MIP/CO 
programs and 4 for Health Program); 8 projects were declined and 7 projects were approved. 
The CSSC assisted during PCAs at the following organizations:  
The Center Mokhlaroyim in Mahalla Davronbek of Kokand city. 
The IG Oltinkurgan in Mahalla Oltinkurgan of Buvaydinskiy rayon. 
The IG Lobar in Mahalla Kaymok guzar of Kokand city. 
The NGO Ziyonur in Mahalla Polmon of Kuvasayskiy rayon. 
The NGO Komus in Mahalla Madaminov Yazyavanskiy rayon. 
The Center Malkham in Mahalla Yurmaduz of Margilan city. 
The Center Feruza in Mahalla Yakkaout of Tashlakskiy rayon. 
The Disabled Children Support Center (Iktidor) in Mahallas 1 and 48 of Kokand city. 
The Center Kamolon in Mahalla Pastki tulash of Kokand city. 
The Center Bibikhonum in Mahalla Datkho of Yangikurganskiy rayon. 
The following CAPs have been developed: 
On April 13, Mahalla Oltinkurgan of Buvaydinskiy rayon, initiated by the IG Oltinkurgan. 
On April 14, Mahalla Davronbek of Kokand city, initiate by the Center Mokhlaroyim. 
On April 27, Mahalla Kaymok guzar of Kokand city initiated by the IG Lobar. 
On April 28, Mahalla Madaminov Yazyavanskiy rayon, initiated by the NGO Komus. 
On May 1, Mahalla Polmon of Kuvasayskiy rayon initiated by the NGO Ziyonur. 
On May 17, Mahalla Yakkaout of Tashlakskiy rayon initiated by the Center Feruza. 
On May 20, Mahalla Yurmaduz of Margilan city initiated by the Center Malkham. 
The Association of Librarians of Fergana Oblast conducted an advocacy campaign in May 2002. 
As a result of the campaign, 2,900,000 soums were received from the state budget for 
establishment of a heating system and the construction of a boiler room for the Oblast Library. 
In April, two new volunteers were recruited by the CSSC. They are responsible for work in the 
Resource Center. 
On May 20 21, 3 CSSC volunteers participated in Internet and email training organized by IREX 
Organization in Fergana city. 
In June, CSSC volunteers developed personal development plans indicating trainings attended and 
to be attended, experience gained while working in the CSSCs and feedback to CSSC staff. These 
plans are to be presented on the next regular meeting of CSSC volunteers. 
A Coalition to find a solution to the problem with drinking water in makhalla Toshkenliguzar of 
Uchkuprik rayon was created in April. The coalition consisted of 5 representatives of the 
community, NGO, the Mahalla Committee and state structures. 
3. Nukus Civil Society Development Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
On April 26, the regular NGO Club meeting was held to approve the statement on the NGO Club 
activity and organizational committee. About 40 NGO representatives participated. The priorities 
set included: Social and Economic, Women's, Educational and enlightenment, Youth, Ecological, 
Medical and Juridical NGOs and IGs. 
On June 7, a roundtable was conducted with representatives of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm 
Oblast NGOs to find out common problems in the two regions and explore areas for cooperation. 
June 17, there was a meeting with representatives of the Kokand NGOs Salomatlik and Ekologiya 
to familiarize them with the activity of NGOs and CSSC in Nukus. 
Internal Capacity Building 
A New NGO Support Coordinator, Nadejda Bayborodina, was recruited. 
Development Plans for contract trainers were composed in April. 
On April 22 26, MIP/CO Coordinator, Sergey Sultanov, visited Kokand CSSC and participated in 
two trainings. 
The CSSC staff participated in the following personal development projects and workshops: 

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