Internal Capacity Building 
The staff of the CSSC has been increased by a third person   Raisa Tadjibaeva. 
The Hub Center coordinator conducted a series of orientation meetings for the CSSC staff. 
On May 6 8, the CSSC prepared and conducted a seminar on strategic planning for the CSSC 
The CSSC office has been fully equipped with computers; the NGO Database, information 
materials for the Resource Center and part of the training modules and library resources have been 
transferred to the CSSC. Resource Center began to operate June 25.  
CSSC Coordinators participated in the Local Grant review committee and Tashkent expert 
Committee meetings. 
On May 2 3, CSSC staff visited Kokand CSSC to get familiar with the activity of the Kokand 
CSSC, exchange experience in CSSC management and Counterpart programs. 
On June 18, more then 50 representatives from Tashkent NGOs, state structures, International 
organizations and mass media participated in the opening of the CSSC. 
The CSSC staff attended the following workshops: 
   F. Atadjanov   Project Design, Tashkent; NGO and Community, Tashkent; Facilitation skills 
development, Tashkent; PCAP, Tashkent 
S. Abdullaev   Advanced Fundraising, Almaty; 
R. Tadjibaeva   Legal Regulation of NGOs in Uzbekistan, Tashkent 
2. Kokand Civil Society Development Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
On April 6, Jennifer Brick, USAID Tashkent, and Gloria Steele, USAID Washington, visited the 
CSSC with to get acquainted with the activity of the CSSC and to visit some of the Makhalla 
Initiative program projects. 
On April 9, a Kokand city NGO meeting was conducted to discuss Counterpart Consortium grant 
program. 13 NGO representatives participated in the meeting. 
The topic of the regular NGO Club meeting was disabled people's problems. Questions on the 
interrelations of healthy and disabled children, the integration of the disabled children into the 
society, and the establishment of sustainable connections among mass media and NGOs working 
with disabled people were discussed. 23 NGO representatives participated in the meeting. 
On June 27, CSSC Manager has met with representatives of the Association of the city managers 
to collect information for the preparation of the project on Development of the municipal cities. 
Internal Capacity Building 
On May 22 24, the Hub Center Coordinator, Akmal Roustamov, visited the CSSCs to conduct an 
Organizational Development Assessment. Meetings with 16 NGOs as well as with Local Grant 
Committee members, CSSC volunteers and staff were organized. 
In June 2002, a questionnaire for a contract trainer was developed by the CSSC Coordinator to 
collect ideas and recommendations on the professional development of Fergana Oblast trainer. 
The CSSC staff participated in the following personal development projects: 
B. Umarkhanov   Strengthening practical skills to work with NGOs, Samarkand. 
   D. Kvan   Facilitation skills development, Tashkent; Legal regulation of NGOs, Tashkent; 
Work with Internet and e mail conducted by IREX organization in Fergana city; Association 
Development, Kokand; Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent; 
G. Khamdamova   Advanced Fundraising, Tashkent; Social Partnership, Almaty; 
Professional growth of contract trainers and candidates for trainers: 
G. Sabirova conducted her first PCAP training and conducted a training on strategic planning. 
   D. Akhmedova participated in the regional advanced training on fundraising in Almaty. 
Together with the Hub Center OD Coordinator, Akmal Roustamov, conducted the advanced 
fundraising training for Counterpart Consortium Uzbekistan Network Coordinators on June 
15 17. 
Fergana Oblast Database for NGOs was updated on a regular basis. 

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