The Lebap CSSC staff participated in the network meeting organized by Hub Center in April, 
which included a discussion and comments on the Action Plan presented by the Lebap CSSC. 
With support from the Hub, the Lebap CSSC developed a proposal to create a Volunteer Center, 
which was supported by the US Embassy Democracy Fund. 
The Lebap CSSC Manager, Nargiza Meylieva, paricipated in the regional training on Fundraising 
from May 13 17, 2002, in Almaty.  
On May 21, 2002, Michael Fritz, USAID Deputy Regional Director and Murad Rozyev, 
Counterpart Grant Manager visited Lebap CSSC's new office and met with the Center's staff. 
On the May 3
 Bob Abma, Counterpart Regional Finance Director and Ekaterina Priyahina, 
Counterpart Finace Manager visited the Center to conduct a mini training on the new financial 
accounting system  Quickbooks .  
The Lebap CSSC Manager paricipated in the network strategic planning meeting from June 13 
15, 2002, in Ashgabad. 
3. Dashoguz CSSC 
Activity overview 
On May 11 the Center hosted the regular NGO Discussion Club during which they distributed 
information on items such as CAG proposals, the CAREC (ecological fund), and Counterpart's 
schedule of training. NGOs also discussed preparations for a roundtable on July 13 with 
government organizations to promote sustainable social partnership. 
A Social Partnership Seminar was organized and conducted by ICNL and CSSC representatives 
on 29 May. There were 33 participants including 18 local government officials, 8 local CSO 
representatives, and five people from commercial organizations. Examples of Social partnership 
throughout Central Asia were highlighted and they discussed ways the government could provide 
financial support to NGOs. 
On April 10 Jay Cooper Regional Director of Counterpart, visited the Center and met with the 
local NGO Dashoguz Ecology Club and grantee Ikar. He also visited the UNICEF funded  Water 
and Sanitation  project and participated in a local grant committee meeting. 
On April 19 the Dashoguz Center welcomed USAID representatives John Cropf and Glenn 
Anders, the Ambassador Laura Kennedy, and US Embassy representatives Anjela Begjanova and 
Michelle Ulrich. For their visit, the Center organized an NGO fair, roundtable meeting with 
NGOs, a children's ecology theater and lunch. 
The Center facilitated a meeting of local NGOs with the British Ambassador to Turkmenistan 
during which NGOs discussed pending proposals with the Ambassador and Embassy staff. 
On June 12 the Center received a visit from Arlene Lear, Senior Vice President for Counterpart 
Washington, and Ara Nazinyan, Regional Community Outreach Coordinator. They met with 
NGOs and visited five of the WatSan project sites, during which they discussed the difficulties 
faced by NGOs and possible solutions. 
After the Ak Depe PCA held in March in three communities, the Center conducted follow up 
meetings with local authorities and community representatives. 
The Center coordinated with Sarygamysh to conduct PCAs in four communities of Turkmenbashy 
and Kunia Urgench etrap (Kharmanjik village, cotton processing factory's village, Dostluk 
village, and Yalkym village. 
Internal Capacity Building 
Abdykerim Ataev from Sarygamysh was hired on temporary basis to perform assistant 
responsibilities while the Center's assistant is on extended sick leave. 
Two volunteers participated in the  Project Design  training; one volunteer participated in the 
 NGO Web Page Development  training. 
On May 9 the Dashoguz CSSC staff and several volunteers participated in a staff retreat in Chuly. 
During this workshop the staff focused on team building and improving interoffice 
In June the Center manager participated in the network meeting of all branches of Counterpart 
Turkmenistan. Activities included: a 1 day training on fundraising; revisiting the Strategic 

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