Three Community Action Grants (CAG) were developed and submitted to Counterpart.  
Fidokor's Credit Portfolio has increased from $4,500 to 5,800. 
4. The Khorog CSSC (Kalam) 
Activity Overview 
This quarter Kalam  conducted 7 training workshops for NGOs in Gorno Badakhshan with funding 
from Counterpart Tajikistan and the Academy of Educational Development (AED). All the training 
workshops were arranged based on the needs of local NGOs in the region. NGOs located in very 
remote districts were invited to Khorog to participate in the training workshops. The training topics 
NGO and Community 
Project Design 
Social Partnership 
Facilitation Skills 
Volunteer Management 
The representative of AED who monitored the trainings was satisfied with the quality of the training 
workshops. In addition, Kalam and a representative from ICNL conducted a seminar on International 
Standards of Non Commercial Legislation and its Application in Tajikistan. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Director of Counterpart's partner NGO in Khorog, Gorno Badakhshan (GABO), Kalam, and two 
contract trainers participated in the seminar Effective NGO Governance conducted by the Hub Center. 
Kalam received this training's module from the Hub Center and is now able to conduct this training 
for other NGOs in Badakhshan. 
Kalam is continuing to provide copying services for a fee as a part of the Civil Society Support 
Center's financial sustainability strategy. Kalam now is looking for a separate room for copying, since 
the clients are increasing.   
Kalam has received a grant from the Democracy Fund, US State Department for $6,083 for a project 
that is aimed at helping the former Tajik opposition fighters from GBAO to handover their arms on a 
voluntary basis. Kalam will carry out six roundtables and twelve informal meetings with leaders and 
former field commanders from all six communities of Khorog. The purpose of the meeting is to 
jointly develop a mechanism for the former combatants to voluntary hand over their weapons. They 
will also conduct 6 two day workshops on Conflict Resolution with participation of 108 leaders of 
different young groups as well as 12 three day trainings (6 on Project Design and 6 on Small Business 
Development) for a total of 240 former opposition combatants. Kalam will organize a media 
campaign on the issue as well. Kalam will involve the local law enforcement agencies in the 
implementation of the project: these agencies will help Kalam in the establishment of Centers for 
Voluntary Disarmament in all communities of Khorog. 
Kalam initiated a Civil Forum in the city of Khorog with the participation of MSDSP Agha Khan 
Foundation, trade unions, a number of political parties and NGOs from all over Gorno Badakhshan. 
The goal of the Forum was to establish a partnership between the local government, NGOs, political 
parties and religious leaders for the social and economic development of the GBAO. In order to 
coordinate and promote cooperation between all the stakeholders an Advisory Counsel was formed 
during the Forum. The Advisory Counsel consists of representatives from the government, political 
parties, NGOs and religious leaders. The leader of Kalam was also elected as a member of the 
Advisory Counsel.  

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