problems. The project resulted in two Community Action Grants (CAG) for the Ironchi and 
Olmabaroz communities, which were both funded by Counterpart Tajikistan. The CAGs helped to 
fund a drinking water supply project and a nutrition project for school children. A total of 1,300 
people, mostly ethnic Uzbeks, benefited from the project.  
3. The Kurghon Teppa CSSC (Fidokor) 
Activity Overview 
This quarter Fidokor conducted seven training workshops for local NGOs, including one Training of 
Trainers (TOT) on Facilitation Skills. Six of Fidokor's contract trainers and two of Fidokor's staff 
members participated in this TOT as well. 
Internal Capacity Building 
Counterpart Tajikistan's partner in Kurghon Teppa, Fidokor, revised their Charter to allow them to 
expend their activities to cover agriculture and macro finance projects. After submitting the new 
Charter to the Ministry of Justice for re registration Fidokor was asked to clarify a number of issues in 
the new Charter. In particular, the representatives of the Ministry of Justice claim that the term Board 
of Directors can only be used for commercial organizations under Tajik law. The Ministry of Justice 
is planning to consider this issue again when it meets with Fidokor in July. 
Following Fidokor's request, two trainers from the Institute of Agriculture Development, Winrock 
International, conducted a one day training workshop on Strategic Planning for Farmers, Small 
Businesses and NGOs. Fidokor's members and trainers working under the project Farmer to Farmer 
funded by Mercy Corps participated in the workshop. Through this training the participants had the 
opportunity to receive training on agricultural small business development. 
This quarter Fidokor signed a grant agreement with UNHCR for $30,000 for the project Mobilization 
of Communities in Khatlon Province. Under the agreement Fidokor, in partnership with five local 
NGOs, is planning to work with communities located in the Kurghon Teppa, Vakhsh and Bokhtar 
districts, assisting them in identifying their priority problems, creating initiative groups to address 
their problems. They will also assist them in designing community projects up to $2,000 and funding 
projects on a competitive basis. 
The Director and Training Manager of Fidokor participated in an Advanced NGO Governance TOT, 
conducted by Hub Center. During the workshop they shared their experience on governance issues 
with others and discussed the future modules on governance for both new and advanced NGOs. 
Community Outreach 
Fidokor, in cooperation with the NGO  Munisi Dil  from Hisor; the NGO Donish from Dushanbe; 
and the Women's Center Chashma from Shahrtus, with support from Mercy Corps organized a charity 
activity entitled Caravan of Peace. The activity, which was devoted to the International Children 
Protection Day, involved bringing eighty children from Hisor and Dushanbe to Kurghon Teppa to 
participate with children there in various contests and concert programs. The overall goal of the action 
was to bring together the children from different regions of Tajikistan and educate them to be tolerant 
toward each other. Ten Fidokor's volunteers took an active part in preparing and conducting this 
Fidokor took an active part in preparing and conducting Social Partnership Conference in Dushanbe. 
The Director of Fidokor, Dilbar Khalilova, has been one of the members of the working group for the 
In June Fidokor finished the implementation of the project Development of Local Communities and 
Supporting Family Businesses funded by a Counterpart NGO Support Grant. Under the project the 
following activities have been accomplished: 
Fidokor conducted PCAs in four communities and as a result of these activities initiative 
groups were formed in each community 

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